Monday, December 03, 2007

good times beget hard times

the woes that come with a strong currency continued to be felt across the board. the trend globally has been to weaken home currencies in order to make exports attractive. but for a net importer with huge foreign debts, maybe strengthening the currency would work better. however today bdafica already reports that property owners are up in arms over the losses attributed to currency fluctuations. those who pay their rents in dollars are laughing all the way while their landlords cry foul.

but am not sure whether KQ is also suffering the same fate. However if word going around is anything to go by then it appears they just flew into turbulent winds. a colleague of mine tells me of a flight where KQ promised them continental breakfast only to be served with tea and bread. the entertainment unit wasn't working and the ambiance was stuffy. many are the stories doing rounds that their domestic flights keep on getting canceled at the last minute and passengers shifted to other carriers. some people suggest they are facing the problem of uchumi (unbridled expansion) while others contend that the cost cutting measures were too extreme and have therefore compromised service.

and while that is going on, nation media group may be facing a second readers boycott in 3 years. the last time readers boycotted the paper was in 2005 when they were accused of open bias towards the yellow team. the group had to do intensive door to door marketing to regain lost ground. but it seems the managers never learnt and this year they are even worse in their bias towards one side. maybe the senior managers know where the bread is buttered and also it would be better to lose a few of shareholders profits then see a brother lose an election!

Finally i got this unsolicited advice from a shrewd broda. if you have a few shillings to spare, keep it till January when poll losers will wake up to the reality of school fees, rent arrears, debts and all their relatives. at that time they will find it easiest to dispose of their fuel guzzlers for a song. then like a scavenger, that will be your time to strike and hard!!!

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