Monday, December 17, 2007

late toast

something went unnoticed or maybe lets say something went unfeted. the NSE finaly truly electronic and via WAN and thereby paved the way for online trading of shares at the bourse. It really does make me proud to be kenyan. and as that was going on, MSC shares were finally uploaded in the accounts and are now available for trade. the prices will go down temporarily as the market reacts to oversupply but thats no cause for alarm, the firm is putting they multi billion project on full gear. things are looking up


  1. whats ur thoughts on this visa vis the risisng shilling/cost of labor

    At a rally in Nandi Hills over the weekend, Mr Odinga said an ODM government would from next month suspend the use of tea plucking machines by multinational companies in the country.

    Tea experts have warned that the quality of tea in the world market was at risk since the current tea factories in Kenya were meant to crush green tea picked by human labour and not by machines.

    Mr Odinga said that his government would be keen to safeguard manual jobs held by Kenyans in the tea industry.

    The outgoing Lang’ata MP assured more than 270,000 tea workers with the local large-scale companies that the new technology would not be adopted under an ODM government.

    “Tea companies using plucking machines to deny Kenyans jobs will not use them at all starting January,” he said.

  2. @anon, I would disagree with Hon Raila on the last point- IMHO the machines are not in use to DENY Kenyans jobs. This is just the way technology/labor balance goes, tupende tusipende. If the quality of tea is at risk because factories are not designed for machine-picked tea, then that might be a problem but not necessarily a show-stopper. You can bet in a few years, the factories will somehow refitted and ready to process machine-picked tea. The 3 presidential candidates should do a better job in telling us how they plan to create wealth and generate opportunities. So far, I am hearing promises. Why not give plans? After all,we know a politicians promise...


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