Friday, November 17, 2006

is corruption african?

aftre ghana lost to brazil in the last world cup, i heard one lady comment that she was so frustrated for being an african since everywhere she looked africans proved to be perenial under achievers. i felt sorry for her but knew in my heart that that was not true. in the same breadth another person claimed that africans are geneticaly corrupt. and true that felt unconfortable though i know i abhore the practise. but lately , like that lady every where i look i meet corruption, my former classmates are going places and puting up palatial houses driving guzzlers etc because they are openly corrupt.

this last week, has been worse, i honestly had a lot of respect for Saitoti all along, i think he has been a very good inspiration as far as leadership is concerned. i did not think he would take back his position. in other countries, ppple resign just because of suspicion. meaning when you are in high office, there should be no doubt about your character. i thought prof would feel the same and keep out of cabinet. i respected mwiraria more for refusing to wait to be sacked and resigning. if he does not get back i will be happy that at least i have someone to hold as a role model.

but when i was thinking about that i get this long email from the GM of the marketing society of kenya of which am a member, she has several allegations against the cahirman who had earlier demoted her with neither warning, nor notice. the allegations were damaging to say the least and it reminded me of mutua and the association of journalists. i dismissed them as last kicks of a demoted GM. however this morning i have just recieved an equally long list of fresh allegations from a member of the society who is pissed off by what he calls grand corruption at the society. one among them was that when we went for the jugding at the ASK show we were supposed to be paid 5K each, well we were about 160 and i didnt even know that we were paid. even the friends i made there dont know that we were paid 5K each. yet it was reported that way! the other funny one is that he gave his friend 20% commision to market and sell gala and dinner tickets yet the function is always over subscribed, pple come for it so no need to even market it leave alone give commisions
and many others. when he was introducing us, that same chairman said that as judges we must be above board and not have even a slight rumour of suspicion to corruption. well .

and this is happening after an embarassing show of dirty linen between the KFF chair and a mister Philip who was heading a parallel league.

yet the west is not done with me and today they released a list of personal development and as expected africa is holding the bottom of the pack. what i found supprising is that Uganda is placed ahead of my beloved kenya. that i dont agree with or i hate to agree with.

but if what bloggers are saying is anything to go by, poor and weak africans will soon die and the continent can remain for strong rich people who can afford life after its privatised.
that will probably happen after mumias has been fully sold and has acquired other inept millers.

elsewhere safaricom is set to enter the NSE, safaricom employees have been assured a generous cut of the pie . others who will benefit before the rahia are the dealers who are also called business partners. Safaricom will surely be a great motivator of the market.

other debates are suggesting that come next year, the nse may be challened by change of guard, of course no one would want that but again investors may be wary of what happens if Kiabki wins, the man is heading into his eighties and its not a very good feeling. one wonders what would happen when we have kibaki at 80! would the economic tempo hold? the memory we have when he was taken ill at the begining of his term is not very comforting.

odegle tip of the day -- oversupscription alone does not gaurantee post IPO capital gains rather its sustained post-listing interest in the stock that makes IPOers gain.


  1. Brazil is among the best teams in the world so a loss to Brazil is not the end of the world.

    Corrupt leaders - Not unique to Africa BUT most of the worst are generally African!

  2. Corruption is like a virus in Africa. Have former class mates at the University who have made millions from the practice. Sometimes I feel sorry for our mother continent.

    10% of rich Kenyans taking control of 42% of the wealth. Do you think this inequality will ever become an equality?

  3. one thing i have learnt is that we africans keep trying to climb trees from the top. i suppose that corruption thrives at the top since we have a culture which is fertile for it. somehow africans think that when one is elected to a high position, he will stop corruption, yet we ignore the common guy next to us, you know the classmate, the neighbor, the uncle the dad etc. this is how it starts and only gets bigger and more harmful as one climbs the social ladder. for our economic development. we must make it unfashionable to be corrupt. right now pple find it stupid if you do not abuse your position or whatever it is for personal gains.
    pple expect you to help you kin get a job, employ your tribe, give contracts to your friends or get a cut the list is endless. how for petes sake would african become an economic powerhouse with such situations

  4. Sigh... after 2 recent revelation about GRAND corruption... I am a little despondent...

    moi & safaricom
    gichuru & kplc

  5. coldi, you are the last person who can be allowed to be despondent! with such intellect and exposure if you give up, who will carry on!!!?

    you cant be allowed ! you must keep on and make small wins until the african attitude changes.

  6. Odegle - Here is the PLUS... at least we found out about it!

    I hope some "clean" future government will help us recover these stolen funds!

  7. My two bob:

    First, I'm African and I'm not corrupt. I cant even lie without feeling horrible about it. So I guess It is not a part of my nature to be corrupt.

    Corruption is everywhere people. Especially in the west. They just have better publicists who cover their asses. I can tell you stories about some of my foreign white and asian friends that you would not believe.

    I think there are double standards applied to corruption. For example Westerners can come into our country, commit car jacking (or what ever illegal things those artur brothers were doing) and they are deported without being put in jail or prosecution. While our car jackers here are never given a fair trial when they are caught-they are shot on sight infact. (Ok I agree with that policy in my own way cause I was car jacked once and it was scary as hell-but it doesn't make it right.)

    Not being racist or anything but it seems to me that when white people commit crimes people want to cover for them but when black people do the same, they are persecuted, lynched and the whole world is told that we are naturally bad, poor, savage and uncooth so it is expected.
    I think its disgusting.
    Saitoti and the rest... thats them. But there are lots of good people who are not like them. Lets remember them.
    Maybe to avoid funny operations in organisations people should put tighter accounting measures and systems. It should be clear who is getting what and any vagueness should be removed. Strict penalties should be put in place. If being rigid and strict is the only way we can change our society then let us be, seeing as we cant trust ourselves to be honest about anything.

    Proud to African, Proud to be black, Proud to be me.

  8. Wanjiku M. thats quite lovely and strong reaction from you. however i dont blame our problems on grand corruption. in fact i know for sure that corruption is a capitalists baby as opposed to being african what i just think and believe is that africa is fertile for these kind of things including petty corruption. you know to an extent that more than 40 years after independence africans cannot even feed themselves. doesnt this make you angry! doesnt it annoy you to see those pot bellied kids with hanging bowls ? doesnt it bother you that every office you go to people feel that you owe them for giving you a service you have already paid for? and soo on!!!

  9. and doesnt it bother you that the one of the worst criminals in the history of mankind (one kabuga of rwanda) is suspected to hide in kenya shielded by our own leaders the ones we elected to stamp out corruption? and surely do you buy the story that our governements are unable to deal with runaway insecurity in the country, that pple get attacked in their homes any time any day? that you cannot enjoy your hard earned money by taking friends out since you fear being car jacked ? that all our public resources have to be autioned to private owners since we are unable to manage them?

    that qualified personnel roam our streets unable to get jobs while quacks and fools fumble with running the country unable even to read written speeches? does that make you proud?!

  10. Its a cultural thing, stemming back to independence, its not intrinsic to Africa.

    Check out this article.


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