Thursday, November 30, 2006

In praise of the Blogsphere

I got into this 'mess' after reading Onyango obbo one fateful thursday last august. Mr. Obbo is a favorite columnist whom i wait for the way i wait for clay court every friday. after reading a few interesting posts, i said to myselft, who am i to ignore this great media to hear and be heard! well now it has only been 3 months really and since am proud to be kenyan ( i think kenyans are the best people every created) i read only blogs by kenyans; be they in the diaspora (where is that) or back home enjoying good food and decent weather. what has amazed me is the quality of the posts on these blogs. before i started blogging and reading blogs, i knew i could hold a slightly lenthy intelectual conversation on investments, finance, IT, family life, art, culture , life in kenya etc. but right now, i get to read deep articles on a variety of topics like international trade and politics, successsion , Raila Odinga, mergers and acquisitions, art culture , life i the US, SA, europe and even nigeria. all great experiences of the great sons and daughters of Kenya! I must say am greatly fulfilled. some bloggers have double or tripple suprised me at their grasp of whatever topic comes up. they give very intelligent comments on virtually any topic , they are well versed and passionate. i dont know how they do that. but i know they make me more proud to be associated with them

others however are perched safely in some foreign civilization, from where they ride on the hard work of those guys and hurl insults at our beauty in the sun (lately beauty in the flood!) nay beauty in the rain sounds better. some have said that we need to sort out the mess before they can come back to kenya. however i dont think thats a good idea. kaeni huko huko tuuu!

in fact in this blogsphere i even met long lost guys like cartoonist gathara, who happens to be an alumnus of the same chep where i also went. gathara was my favorite cartoonist . i wonder why he disappeared from 'nation'. his cartoons are a refreshing break from Maddo's cartoons since he is unique, (maddo has been in my life since i was in primary school. a great artist by any standards) by the way i also learnt on the blog that they are called caricatures and not cartoons!

another guy i met is a mr. otieno who knows more english than the queen of england, thank God he has not 'edited' my blog yet. if he strays onto this one he will collapse since the gramer and speling are patheticq.

However i discovered through the blog that the favorite topic of all kenyans criticizing their beloved country since they want it to be sublime! this love is amazing

i met this guy ( a kenyan) who told me he had a really difficult life growing up in a third world . he said that he will not allow his kids to be brought up in a third world country. he is determined to see that. he is also not leaving Kenya!


  1. Kenya will still prevail without those pieces of deadwood. I may be in a first world country now but if I ever have kids, they will be brought up in Kenya; come what may!

  2. kbw is for sure vibrant. kudos!

  3. And then one day the KBW blogsphere will take over the running of Kenya and straighten everything out...

  4. Thanks for your kind words. Great to see one of the "Cheps" is here with me. Nitumie email so we can catch up.

    By the way, I was at Nation for a short time only covering for GADO who was on leave.

  5. acolyte, am happy another person hads bought in to the idea, we cannot let anyone else run our house for us like mwasjd suggests. me must do it ourselves!

    Hey Gathara my email is
    i actually sent you a mail asking about the branded staff on your blog. i guess you never got it

  6. aco - but sometimes being in Kenya is like "Captain Save a Hoe"

  7. Am addicted to reading blogs. Plans are at an advanced stage to board the KBW ship. The ship will do for the flooded country.

  8. Hey, glad to know you were in Chep, as for me. Was in Moi main campus. I do read your blog more so on investement issues. Keep it up, especially Odegle Tips
    KBW has made me get "insider info" on the NSE.
    Could you be ferocious as the crocodile??

  9. its good to hear from you all. my name however has nothing to do with ferocity but more to do with the size of my eyes! its a nick name

  10. Odegle, next time am in a biz forum or a company AGM I'll looking for someone with big eyes and a smart suit!!

  11. that will probably be me. though am not sure about the smart suit part!

  12. I dont know why I've always had this feeling that you and Banks are tall dark dudes always dressed in suits and spectacles.
    I hanged out at Blu Corner last December when it openned, I found the service to have depriciated easpecially after they started running out of kebabs. Though I was there once more in September, The aura was refreshing just like at Ranalo. Petrizo is equally a cool place.
    I was at Lifestyle on Sunday an d saw Tony Nyadundo's poster, and concluded that patrons had a good deal on sato nite, but pole!!

  13. Jaks thats funny. that makes me sound so mysterious. i dont know about banks. probably he does put on suits. my job does not require suits so am quite easy. where is petrizo. normaly the only other decent joint is Java, but its just a restuarant and they close at 9PM. just before Nairobi starts! it can be quite frustrating looking for a decent and lively place in nairobi sometimes. the themes are not as varied. most joints just have loud music , young men/women and beer!

  14. May i suggest to you another blog i found. I cannotmake sense of the guy (seems to have ideas though):

  15. Odegle, Petrizo is next to Stanchart Koinange Street. The other joint I recently discovered that Ranalo is quite a classsic joint with fair prices.
    Brews and Blend is as good as Java but them I think on pricing its not not fair.
    Overall Ithink the following can get good ratings whether unwinding as one waits for traffic jam to receed or a weekend:
    Petrizo, Java, Dancing Spoon, Winebar,Brews & Blends and Ranalo.
    Whats your area of specialisation?

  16. Jaks that is a nice collection. i will try them out. i agree java is sometimes exaggerated for a short whiling.

    i will also check out this toyoi

  17. Jakarumba: Yes I do wear a suit, look like I'm going to a funeral most days


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