Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hats Off ... Mr. Kiboro

The sun has finaly set on the ilustrious career of one Mr. Wilfred Kiboro. obviously in a class of his own, Mr. Kiboro strode the media industry during good times and bad ones never forgeting to wear his trade mark smile and his ease demeanor. however i remember the man more for his campaigns to have the air waves liberalised at the time when the govt was afraid of every shaking bush and every mooing cow. they would promptly start investigations at the sign of ripples in the pond! indeed the govt at the time did not want to venture beyond the unknown. but Kiboro bravely campaigned and got his way. he presided over the massive increase of share holder wealth and increased the groups revenues from a low of 1 billion to 6 billion. that on top of expanding the media house to our neighbours and increasing its products. more than that we saw his active involvement in social responsibility based on the premise noblese oblige. you could almost touch the passion and concern in his words every time he spoke about social needs and how corporates should respond. All in all i will always miss his ease and the fact that he did not have that 'CEO' look or important feel about him. that smile was very reasuring as well. i hope soon we start getting presidents who can hand over power the way he has done.

For Linus Gitahi, a huge responsibility to maintain the momentum and exceed expectations. it will definitely be a daunting task. another area he may quickly need to look at is the rumour that nation media staff are poorly compensated with quite poor working conditions. the rumour about tribalism with only a certain tribe favoured with senior management postions would also need quick fixing in order to see nation stem the certain surge in standard groups popularity and hence profitability. Gitahi must resist any attempts to make this group a govt mouthpeice since that is a sure death trap. at the end we will wait and see tomorrow how investors react to mr. Gitahi's appointment.

Kudos Mr. Kiboro and i wish you success in your next assignment.

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