Thursday, November 16, 2006

benefits of war

Standard Chartered has started showing the positive signs of war, by introducing for the first time, a grace period with the personal loans. however they are still cautious and will only offer a maximum of at 1.3 million payable in 4 years. BBK already offers the same amount for 5 years. what i think is that those who can afford these loans would probably need more for meaningful projects like say 3 million. lets hope for more compe, soon we will have our cake and eat it too like in china where banks are being induced to raise their interest rates. in kenya the fear is that since our MPs did what they are best at and voted with their tummies against the finance bills, interest rates will go up as the govt is forced to borrow from the market. this will also divert most money from the equities and slow down our millionairisation!

on the millionaire thing, a debate is raging ragarding one MP's comments on the NSE, drugs, and laundry. every investor worth his salt has thrown an insult or 2 at the MP and even threatened dire consequesnces for his irresponsible remarks

but the NSE doesnt seem to care, its only seems hell bent on punishing those pigs who rushed in to cash out on EAC, ICDC, olympia and the likes. EAC has seen its share plumate to a low of 40s meaning that in real terms it has gone down from 1000 just a few months ago, (2 months to be precise) to the low region of 400s. while olympia lost almost 50% in about a week. when thats happening, innocent city trust investors may be left with highly priced jewels that they cannot sell.

this is what happens in a real market. you meet crooks and saints, cops and robbers. in ours, there are no cops. or the cops are the robbers. you are on your own so be extra careful and enjoy the bull.

meanwhile mumias keeps on smilling at me and showing her great beauty. well am alraedy hooked. KQ on the other hand has been quite docile yet we all know that given its financial statistics, its probably one of the best buys. others you will never go wrong with are BBK, EABL, BAT , BAMBURI etc

odegle tip of the day -- Warren says you must invest in a business which is so sure of success even a fool can run it since soon a fool will run it. well i agree with him, but only if you are too old to take risks or are hopelessly risk averse.

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  1. Warren believes in MOATS... otherwise all you sell is a commodity!


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