Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Best Employers

The fortune magazine prides itself in being able to provide information on the best employers in the world at any given point in time. i think they mostly look at the working enviironment, cooporate culture, pay etc. i have never seen any kenyan firm feature in these global things. however the other day i went to what i think must be the best employer. i was queuing outside the cashier offices at the university of nairobi. i had been sent by a friend to pay some money for her. she was required to retake an exam since the university had lost her results but thats another story.

ok so am waiting on the line to deposit the banking slip for the 500 bob retake fees. then as i was about to be served, yes i was the person at the window and no there was no one behind me, the clock struck 1PM and the cashier closed for lunch! he told me, nay he threw at me words to the effect that i come back after lunch. my pleas that i was the last in the queue and that it was just 500 /= banking slip fell on deaf ears. he closed everything. now i guess that guy works for the best employer in the world. if i try to pull such a stunt where am currently being overworked and underpaid like everyone else, i would pay with my skin.

that was happening after i had to plead with the watchman to allow me park inside the compound since i was a visitor and coming to pay money. he said i needed a sticker but if i had 'kitu ya kukula' he could allow me in. i promised to give 'kitu ya kukula' on my way out. he was dumb enough to trust me with that. and talking of watchmen and parking lots, its happening a lot. the other day i saw these guys roll stones or put barriers onto empty parking lots so that you cannot park. they only allow you after you give them kitu ya kukula. on top of that most of the empty slots are reserved for CEOs, Managers etc so its your problem as a customer to find your parking so that you can come and give us your money. how is that for customer care? after all the rider in the premisses reads "the customer comes first" isnt that enough? anyway providing parking places in the city is probably the easiest way to beat the stock split gains at the NSE. (you need to pay for that business idea)

otherwise, you can accumulate more mumias sugar shares, this time i have reliable information from a broker who is close to trancentury (those guys are in turn close to kimunya, and by extension Kibaki) the info says that the offload will be based on application like an IPO. the price is 49.50 and minimum is 500 shares. this info is actually not new since its on ther sites as well. how will investors react? wait to buy at 50 bob? maybe not since there will be oversupscription. what i wonder is how they plan to increase the share capital without a split or a rights issue. but based on what has happned in the past, they can simply drive the price north at 400Km/H then split it once it reaches 200 bob. again when the new shares start trading, there is nothing stopping them from shooting the price to 400 like in the case of city trust. however that is speculative and since i have failed more than once as a speculator, do not invest based on that. just invest based on the fact that MSC is going to be one of the best companies in kenya. (already its in the top ten club by capitalization)

elsewhere , KPLC shares seem to be out of stock even though the price is dipping! someone knows more than the rest of us. instead its jubilee and nation that are skyrocketing. a haven for speculators.

I wonder whether EAC share holders are enjoying their gravitational free fall

how will the festive season affect the NSE this year, i expect it to be different given the hightened activity. most pple who want to make moeny will somply refuse to close shop!

odegle tip of the day -- capital gains should not the only reason to invest, also passion and corporate social responsibilty


  1. ooh pole about your episode with UON. Lol at best employer.

    Nice blog you have here btw.
    Love the optimism you maintain.

  2. thats very nice comment coming from you shiro. thank you

  3. Well... see what you get when you have "public" ownership? Same as NO ownership!

    See why you should PRIVATISE most institutions?

    Since you "hate" privatisation, please go around other "public" entities where no-one will give you the time of day!

    Univs are a touchy subject regarding privatisation but many institutions in the US have "multi-tasking" employees so each function can be performed by at least 2 people!


  4. having lived outside kenya I can say for sure that we have one of the wrose customer service, both in the public and private sectors, And you know why. Because the public allows it. here in the states once cannot even dream to do what was done to you.
    Imagine watchmen harrasing you as if they are the bosses

  5. Coldi, i must say i was forced to eat the humble pie, but dont you agree with 'the future diplomat' that it should not be this way?

  6. hi odegle the ohagla lover, i went through a similar odeal in Moi Uni, chep campus about 2 wkks ago when i went to give them a 154, 000 bankers Cheque, the lady who is supposed to receive the money went out on me and immediately came back to lock herself in the office until 2.15 pm. Talk of time keeping, close at 1pm on the dot n get a bit late to open after lunch, good employers these guys have.

  7. My experience with UoN employees always leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, you need the patience of Job to get very simple things done.

    Once I wanted to clear my fee balance as I was a student there. I was made to go through piles and piles of DIRTY account printouts as the man who should have been doing it stood there eating banana after banana. Never mind that he could print my payment details at the click of a button but no! I think his computer is has a P1 processor can only do one print job per day. And I was late.
    Some people are really lucky at work.

  8. i really agree that we have a bad customer service. everyone thinks that when he does his job he is doing you a favor. but i maintain that it doesnt have to be this way. Mike Waweru of KRA has shown us that. the other day i got a registered mail and inside was my log book. mailed to me by KRA. in the past you had to pay a bribe to get back your log book! i know it can be done.

    by the way there are a number of things i dont understand about how univs do their things. BBK charges 300 for deposits right? so if you go to deposit 500 /= what are you doing? or is it cheaper when you deposit less money?

    salute Prousette. ca fait longtemps!


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