Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Silver Lining,

A lot of good work seems to be happening in spite of the constant quarrels in the government of coalition. Driving to Western Kenya last week made me see sense. The road to Nakuru to start with is nywee all the way and Nakuru itself now has dual carriage from around lanet. the road is well lit with beautiful flowers planted in between the carriages. The road is good all the way past Kabarak, Eldama ravine, maji mazuri and onward to the Eldoret. There is a small section on Eldoret road which is very bad but the engineers are on site and its actually being fixed. However while the road constructors have done their part, the people who should manage it are probably sleeping on the job since the overloaded trucks have actually'dug' furrows on the road due to the load and you have to be careful when driving. Eldoret is as beautiful as it was when I was a student here though it has become more packed and populated. Very many cars and getting parking is as hard as in Nairobi. The hotels are of low standard though. Looking at people here, they seem very content and food is not one of their worries. They also look very healthy. Onward to Kitale, only about 20 kms of the road are kinda bad the rest is mteremko till the agricultural town of Kitale. Happy people. Small sweet town. It was my first time here. Actually when you are in kitale, its hard to imagine that some parts of Kenya are without rain or food.

The road from Kitale to Kimilili is very good. Even the one to Bungoma. Bungoma to mumias and mayoni are ish ish but mumias to mayoni itself is sweetly smooth. After mayoni it was rough road till my home but thank God for small mercies. Having 'one of us' in the government has made the road be nicely graded and leveled making the driving experience very good. From home I went to Kisii through Kisumu. Of all that almost a distance of 200Kms, only about 20Km needs work. The rest is very good. Kisumu Nairobi Road is now quite good and the drive is heavenly. I thought they could have made it a little wider though. there are too many large trucks on this highway so you have to go slowly on most parts.

Generally the road network has very good improvement and areas which are bad are being worked on. Something to smile about the coalition after all.


  1. hi odegle,

    im surfing the net for some latest info about eldoret and i came across your blog. its nice ot hear of developments underway there. i will be in eldoret first week of july and im going to stay there for 9 months.

    for an expat like me i would like to know how much is the cost of living in eldoret. daily food, light and water rates in particular.

    thanks for the info.


  2. thanks for the blog/ info

  3. Thank you baby. you will love Eldoret. quite a nice polite town. Since there is food production all around (its basically an agricultural town) cost of food is quite low. It gets cold and windy by Kenyan standards. going sometimes below 20 degrees celcius.

    incidentally what are you coming to do for 9 good months?

  4. i do not know which road the guy was using coz i was in shaggz sometime back??

    NRB to Nakuru very good

    NKR to Kericho you have to pass through molo coz the other road is bad.

    through molo coz everyone is using the road most sections have now potholes in them

    Kericho to Kisumu potholes have been filled but the road is very rough unless you on a landcruiser you will not enjoy driving.

    Kisumu to Luada the road is smooth recently done

    Luada to Siaya potholes

    Siaya to kogelo there's no road

  5. Robert
    I was there last week and I can tell you the roads are actually good all the way to Kisumu. there is a section on Nakuru - Molo highway which is being worked on so there is a diversion. Molo -Kericho is sweetly smooth, Kericho - Kisumu has a new smooth layer and there are no portholes. even very low mercs were speeding on this stretch. I have not been to Kogelo so I cant tell how the road from Luanda to Kogelo is. But the highway to Busia is good save for a small section between Sidindi and Sega.


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