Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Occupational Hazards

A cruel rumor has started in our office. I call it cruel since I find it interfering with everyones job but also because it is dragging my priceless name into murk. The rumor suggests that a lady who recently got opportunities for growth was in a big way favored because of some inappropriate liaison with me. But that is a gentle way to put it , the rumor mongers are saying that she is sleeping with me! The funny part is that when I heard the rumor, I believed it myself. All the reasons and proof fit like a straitjacket! I was simply dumbfounded. In fact if it wasn't me involved, I would have sworn it was true! Its sad but this is not the first time anyway. Another case also came up when I got some favors and a manager suggested that her PA was uncharacteristically active in fronting my cause. She concluded that it was because we knew each other in biblical terms as well. These things disappoint me since it shows a lot of disrespect for women. That people believe that women can never climb the corporate ladder conventionally other than on their backs. And also that a man and woman sitting together cannot discus anything other than procreation. In campus I was likewise linked to a many women in the same breath. ( I dint discourage all of the rumors since it was also a little flattering to be linked to some drop dead beauties lol) However a lot of it could easily be explained. Firstly in campus people never slept if they had a major exam or assignment with lots of marks. They would move from room to room until they got the best paper to 'dub and compile' the winning assignment. Our room was one such stops. (But you see I didn't even say it). The other reason was that my roommate was the chairman of Catholic Students Association. So the room was a mini Vatican. Many people would come just to talk to the chairman or to see how he lived. He was such a good man too. And finally I was also directing people on drama and choir. In fact talking of drama, one time in Kisumu our drama practices almost caused a divorce! And the bad part was that I was totally unaware that the said husband was looking for me for hugging his wife. Said he: "dirama manadi mokwakonago dhako?!" (what drama that makes him hug my wife!) Its all about occupational hazards I guess

Talking of occupations and hazards, every one seems to be focused on Marende today and wondering how he will make the delicate balancing act. Me thinks there is nothing delicate here. Marende will need to just apply the law. Kibaki remains the HoG. He can appoint Kalonzo to HBC chair. Raila should just accept that he was once again hoodwinked by Kibaki. Honestly how many times can you allow one man to play around with your mind? And after you are conned why should you shout to others including the House Speaker to help you recover your lost ground. ODM should by now have learnt that they need better negotiation skills and more shrewd leaders. After all you cant hate the player, if you are also playing the game!


  1. Croc,
    Sorry you are in such a situation. But come to think of it, WHY ALWAYS YOU, any trace of truth. toboa. And BTW it is your word against them and so you have to work very hard to prove that you are not involved in gymnastics involving the waist. Can you?

  2. No I cant so I will use the wisdom of the stone!

  3. You must be breathtakingly handsome; there, I've said it.

  4. PKW, that would be very flattering but you see women are not visual like us men, so a mans handsomeness counts for nothing at all. unless am wrong


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