Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of relativity and small memories

I was reminded of my birthday again as always by my kids who this time instead of asking me to give them a treat on my big day decided to instead throw me a surprise birthday bash. Everything went on surprisingly well and they managed to do their shopping, bake the cake and even craft some beautiful hand made cards for me. There was even entertainment in the form of poems, songs and dances prepared! However the funny part came when the age old happy birthday song was being sung and I had to mention my age. The part that goes, " old are you now" the last born volunteered instead and shouted 100! but his sister whom he follows corrected him, not hundred, 1 million! My wife and I burst out laughing and the visibly confused young people looked at us in disappointment and disapproval. The older kids told them it should be much less. That in fact they should divide the 100 by 3! the boy was very disappointed. How could dad have such few years. He said I had to have 100 years since I can change the light bulbs while standing perfectly on the floor. As in I don't even have to use a ladder or a stool! Second justification is that I always carry their bike with one hand and many other small proofs of my age. Its all about relativity I guess. But due to relativity again I was impressed at their organizational skills relative to their ages and even the idea of a surprise for 1 the million year old dad. no one betrayed their conspiracy, not even the young ones who I thought were always on my side!

But this year I got quite a number of birthday wishes from all over the world some from long lost friends. I thought I had suddenly become a celeb of sorts or that the stars had finally aligned in my favor. But my witty and up-town nephew blew my bubble and informed me that facebook was to thank for all those friends remembering my big day. Another great thing from innovation of the internet.

On another note; my thoughts go to those many families who lost their beloved ones in the senseless and chilling murder in Karatina yesterday. The sadder part is that their killers will never be brought to book and that the danger of their spreading to other parts of the country is growing ever more real given we indeed have an ineffective PM and a moribund President.


  1. OD,belatedly,happy 33.3333rd birthday!
    And, yeah, thanks for keeping us in your we need the prayers!

  2. he he thank you for being so mathematical. We do need serious prayers now that I read every Christianity is being banned by the sect

  3. Happy Birthday Odegle. Your kids are right regarding your age. I too though my Daddy was 150 years old when I was 6 years of age because he was so tall.
    But the concept of years had not checked in so I was very disappointed to find out he was nowhere near there.

  4. lol! now i do understand their disappointment is not theirs alone

  5. Interesting story...

    Kids always do amazing things and leave you wondering.


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