Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good Martha; Now Apologize.

The big news today is that one Martha Karua has resigned. there are analysts going over themselves trying to explain to us the significance of the resignation and what it portends to Kibaki side of ruins. My thinking is that after resigning, Karua has to do the next noble thing; apologize for two reasons:

1. contributing to the still birth of the second liberation and making us miss a new constitution in 2003. she was one of the very vocal supporters of the constitution she now wants changed.

2. For contributing immensely towards daylight robbery of an election in 2007.

And I put it to Martha that her resignation has nothing to do with us or the country, its all about her and a deal gone sour. Martha must have thought that by helping Kibaki go around the constitutional change and also working very hard to help Kibaki remain in power even after losing that she was inheriting the support and goodwill of Kibakis friends. she should have learnt from Raila himself. Moi told him KANU had its owners.The lady should have known that the succession has its owners.

However if she doesn't come out and apologize to all of us for bringing our country to near collapse for the sake of one man's desire to continue martgaging Kenya then her so called resignation is as strong as the shadow of the cockrel who had been starved to death.


  1. why is Raila surely crying about lack of toilets in a podium. i mean thats so embarrasing for a PM. his Kibera constituents do not even use a toilet and rely on flying toilets for crying out loud. he has no balls to resign like kalua and his juvenile rants are making his supporters in luoland feel bad.


  2. You've just put into words what have been abstract thoughts in my head. can not possibly put it better or agree with you more. She must take responsibility and do the noble thing and apologize or else all she's doing is simply a retarded PR stunt.

  3. hmmm stole an election...you know that has been the greatest fallacy of our days...stole what election. The election that even the opposition couldnt prove they won...that election??? Lets move on from that election debate since if we were to revive it we would have to apportion blame equally across the board. Rather than blame everyone from Kivuitu to Martha Karua for the outcome of a hang election

  4. I respect martha's decision to quit but she supported kibz who benefitted from the theft in anglo-fleecing...


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