Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of Moving and Conviniences

Its often said that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Meaning in the converse that a stationary stone does gather moss. Maybe thats why when you are living in a house you tend to gather quite a bit of stuff which you dont realise until you attempt to move house. I realised this the time I was moving from the 10 by 10 servants quarter I rented in South C to a more specious house in Lower Kabete. I had thought all along that my greatest possession was my bed and mattress so I just got a taxi driver, dismantled the bed and set off to move! It was a serious miscalculation.

I find moving house very tiring , tedious and risky. Lots of things can go wrong. Delicate items can break, a number of things can be misplaced and so on. But thank God for his constant mercies and thank innovation for making life bearable. The internet has offered such easy services as finding a moving company at the click of a button. It makes the tiresome task a cinch and even if you are in a situation like mine where your stuff may not be so much as to require an elaborate plan. That by a click of a button you can get free removal quotes source a man and van to move you.

The second time I was moving from Lower Kabete, I had to be more careful. There were kids involved and they had many little things which while to me would have been better thrown away, were to to them very important and had to be taken very good care of. Additionaly I had to make sure I too never lost those small valuable gifts, souvenirs and so on. I had this time to just employ the services of a removal company to take the headache. plan the move, pack the stuff transfer, unpack and position them.

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