Monday, February 25, 2008

flying without perching

It was okonkwo who said (or should we say chinua achebe) that since men had learnt to shoot without missing , the bird (i forget its name) had learnt to fly without perching. So last weekend i decided to use that wisdom after realizing that the crude street thugs of Nairobi had learnt to steal car lamps even when the car was in motion. well i still dont get how they do it. but i went to the same mechanics who apparently give those thugs the orders for such things for a solution. they were more than willing to help me secure the lamps. it involved screwing a thin plate over the lamp. it makes it look ugly but at least its safe. at that time i also heard such bizare stories as of those who can steal even your drive shaft while you are in a traffic jam!

but something nice passed when we all fought our former neighbors. it seems gakuo was going on with his work at the city center and there are many new traffic lights put in strategic places. they also look very beautiful. now all we have to do is obey them otherwise they will become just another street flower like the ones in museum hill round about.

the only other thing Gakuo needs to fight is for the state to remove the GSU personnel from uhuru park. the inconvenience these guys are causing lovers is immense. yesterday, i passed several couples at the roadsides bordering uhuru and cetral parks since the usually sweet lawns are still out of bounds.


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