Thursday, February 28, 2008


At last! at a longed for last, the peace deal has been signed and what makes me happier is the fact that the pact has been celebrated across the board leaving me to wonder who really was against us. it appears like every kenyan wanted just this so how come it took so long? Well that doesn't matter now.

and congratulations to all those youth who did exceptionally well in the last KCSE. enjoy your victories the future is even brighter!


  1. Atleast the politicians got what they wanted, power. Now the real job remains of convincing people who were kicked out of their homes that their neighbours won't do it again when the politicians part ways. We hope and pray for the best for Kenya.

  2. I am happy for one more dumb questions when people find out I am Kenyan. I travel alot round the Eastern and Southern region of Africa and at all airports, immigration officials for the last 2 months have been asking me, "Are you running away from the fighting?" "Has the burning stopped?" I once retorted," No, I am just taking a break from the fighting!"

    Now, I may not have to endure those questions. But for how long? I hope forever.


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