Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kuna watu ....na viatu!

i was mesmerized to see the amount of importance that America attaches to her top diplomat Condi rice. the security detail was so high that it reminded one of those exaggerated American movies. when after talking to our kibaki condi was being escorted by her Kenyan equivalent Moses wetangula, our own man looked like a school boy in his own country! the sheer respect that the Americans in kenya accorded that small body woman was just amazing. And If i thought condi would be 'diplomatic' i was dead wrong, she was the most straight talking westerner yet in this crisis. insisting that grand coalition and not a mirage of it was the only option. so our president elect Raila odinga has no option but to share power with the losers. the losers however had in their true fashion insisted like a mugger that "you know what i have already thugged it and its now mine go get another one!" just like they do when they mug you of your valuables.

so what will be next for the miracle man? i had thought that his was a move of wit and strategy but people are increasingly proving me wrong and condemnation is rising. and in all this what we hope for is speedy resolution so that we can get back to our lives, our stocks, our buses and our other biasharas.

elsewhere Kenyans feel that the country can do with one less sermon. it appears that after the fracas broke out, every Kenyan turned into a peace preacher telling other Kenyans to refrain from violence, hate, disrespect. they have reminded each other on the need to live as brothers just as they have lived before. songs have been sung to tell people just that. talk shows, interviews of people in the street name it. but all of that is just a sermon! no one is coming up to say "this is what am going to do or this is what i have done, or this is what am doing" each person is busy talking to the other person about what the other person ought to do to avert the crisis! just a sermon

but what continues to worry me is the increasing unrest in schools. does it have anything to do with the election theft? they say where leaders lack vision people perish. so if leaders show that robbery with violence in front of camera is legitimate, why cant youth become violent in schools? which brings me to my shock of the year so far. that in this day and age, kids still bully each other in schools?! I went to secondary school almost 20 years ago and among the first things the headmaster told us was that isf anyone as much as called you a 'mono' (a derogative for a freshman), he would face the 6 of the best from him! well no one ever wanted to face those dreaded 6 from that HM in fact no one wanted to face even 1 from him or lets put this way , you never wanted to cross his path in a negative way! so i was never bullied and never saw any bullying in the 4 years i spent in that school. so i was rather shocked that such acts were tolerated in some schools to an extent that one boy had to lose his life! and this was only after another boy suffered grave harm last year after he was sodomized by senior students as a freshman in a school in Nairobi. quite shocking.

but the good news is that the ministry has put rogue teachers who over charge parents on notice. i hope they make good their threat

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