Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Activism at NSE

there is a rising feeling that the stock brokers at the NSE are up to no good. Many investors are complaining that the brokers do not exercise their orders in time and also always advice them to buy at market price. indeed when jimna mbaruh came on NTV, a caller actually asked him how come brokers are all of a sudden living in posh places and driving guzzlers. of course that was unfortunate since we know that brokers are paid 1% of the value of what they invest. what that means is that when there is a boom like now, when you talk of the value of transactions being 600 million in a day, it means the brokers made a mind boggling 6million that day from commisions alone. now of course since they are kenyan they also make money from you and me by seling short to us. ie when you place a market order and in a day the high was say 80 and the low was 60. they can simlply buy your shares at 60 and sell them at 80 and make the 20!

any way its for that reason or fear that some kenyans have formed a welfare association called NISA the conversations have been very lively and the plans are advanced to face the brokers and the CMA which is sleeping on the job, head-on. The CMA cannot regulate since they sleep in the same bed with the perpetrators!

but before the market is well regulated, how will you make money? simply by buying from pessimists and selling to optimists!

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