Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Real Time Stock Prices

Some enterprising Kenyans have launched a website that gives realtime stock prices as they happen in the NSE. (you got to believe it!)

These guys update the site every 15 minutes from the time the market opens at 10 till it closes. I find it very exciting . you can check it here . additionaly you can get stock quotes of your favorite stock by simply sending stocks to 5553. the idea is brilliant. this is the best and most up to date site at the moment.

EAC finally settles at 77 on the first day of trading. meaning that the stock is now worth 770 shillings. it went up to 85 at some point. meaning some people sold theirs at 850 shillings. of course the split will mask the real price gains and shield the company from scrutiny.

i have heard people suggesting that kengen will be affected by the ministerial decision on the KPLC tarrif. I dont think so, Kengen is basicaly a monopoly which has just been privatised. with proper management, the sky is the limit! in fact once all those shares that went to individuals have been mopped up by institutional investors, the sprint will begin. This is because institutional investors are long term. hence shortage.

Newspaper reports show that banks are battling with where to place their excess liquidity. none of them is bold enough to increase their lending periods or lower their rates for personal loans since credit bureaux are underdeveloped in Kenya. clever bankers can simply assist in creation of the same and take the plunge. short term loans will not be profitably to them in the long run. If the economy goes on as it is happening now,and i suspect it will, interest rates will continue to come down.

the final investment leg of the year 2006 is here. the last quarter for growth which will peak at about december has started. those who want quick 3 months gains can invest now. the run normally colapses in January when parents sell stocks to pay fees. fund managers are also less optimistic at that time , and the market is generaly watching and waiting


  1. Do you think kenyans are ready to use the sms notification service? or aren't most of them ready to wait till 7 o'clock or 9 o'clock to watch business news & see how their counters are performing....Wats your thought on this.

  2. Am sorry but u didnt answer my question....

  3. Well if I assume that the question is whether kenyans prefer to wait , my answer will be that i think they dont prefer to wait. they would like to have the information as soon as posible so that they can make decisions on the fly. am sure they are willing to get the information as soon as posible. just remmber mobile plannet has been doing this for a long time now only that their information is normally as late as the one of NSE. that is they are not 'live' yet they have customers!

  4. That service works well only for speculators. Serious traders wait for updating of the NSE website by 4.30 pm daily or evening news.


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