Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kengen results

Kengen has releases great news. after just over six months trading as a listed company. however i still have wories over its 2billion shares thing. it just means that the firm has to many shares and the value is not good if you ask me. anyway by the trend of the NSE am sure we will see an upsurge in price. what worries me is that more and more of these stocks are going to fund managers and that is leaving the retailers gaping.

selling spree is there anyone else out there who feels ish ish about the way the govt is selling its parastals. i know we have always wanted to do that but at this rate arent we overdoing it? its like an expariate leaving the country selling everything and anything. sample this after kengen, even more kengen on sale, Mumias , telcom, railways, EAPC, safaricom, kenya-re. all in one year. is someone else worried or am i just being paranoid?

Market correction pessimists have been looking forward to it and optimists have feared it all along. but the greatest signs of market correction are being seen and felt. however if you ask me , i just think investors are taking in profits in readiness for the final leg of the year expected to peak in December.this is therefore the best time to buy.

tip of the day i have learnt the priciple of give and take also applies in investments at the NSE. instead of refusing to participate because of the apperent coruption of the brokers, weigh your loses and agree to share with them the extra 2 bob they will gain due to delaying your order.


  1. No, I do not agree with your view...

    The UK (under Thatcher) privatised multiple firms that have become HUGE firms!

    Remember that these Kenyan "jewels" will lose their lustre the longer the government owns/controls them!

    I have discussed this issue in my blog...

    Failures - Telkom & KR
    Successes (post-privatisation) - KCB & KQ

  2. if you read my blog keenly, you will find that am asking about the speed with which all this is being done. why is it suddenly so urgent. under 1 year so much is being done. is there a crisis?

  3. Ahh... cash & goodwill... Check my blog, I addressed this matter...

    Sell shares, get cash to buy out gov't staff with generous packages so they vote for kibz & co.

    Also cash is good to spend during election time.

    Finally, make folks happy with IPOs... they will vote u in coz more goodies along the way...


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