Thursday, July 02, 2009

Great waste of our time dear shepherds!

Each time i see our men and women of the pulpit call a press conference or invite the media to cover their blame of the political leaders for the problems we have, i simply switch off or change channels. Indeed each time i see these people am acutely reminded of everything that has gone wrong with our society. These men and women are the strongest reminder of the collective failure of our people to create a nation. They remind me everyday of my anger and hopelessness that even though almost each of the mainstream churches has celebrated a century of mission work in the country, they have failed to make our people see themselves as one and that our individual and collective difference in language, tradition and culture threaten us so much that we can never trust one another.

Yet every time its convenient, they come together and incite us to action. which action they know for sure that they are not ready to help us see to the end.

But my disdain of these people did not come yesterday, it did not even come last year when they burried their heads in the sand if not openly supporting their tribesmen and proding them to further negative action. it did not even come in 2007 when certain bishops openly took partisan or should we say tribal positions on every single issue.

my frustration started in 1997 when i first realised that all was lose talk. that at the bottom of it they teach us to love our neighbours but in reality they mean our selves and those who speak a language we understand.

These days they keep on blaming the politicians for not giving direction and not uniting the country. today they really do blame Raila and Kibaki for all the failures and they call all MPs to resign and seek fresh mandate. They conveniently forget that they have had longer time to unite the country, they have longer reach since they represent the most devine power. they even dont have our mandate but they have our unquestioning loyalty and faith. But how have they used all these opportunities? more than 100 years. they have failed on one single supreme law of the Lord they serve and vicar. that of loving the Lord with all your heart sould and mind and loving your neighbour as you love yourself.

The men of the pulpit have never approached me for my signature to complain about the govt. but for sure should any one of them bother, i will do them a great favor and tear into pieces even the papers which alread have other such wasted signatures.


  1. Not forgetting the little habit they've developed of late of fighting amongst themselves. Ati we now have such a thing as police in church compounds in case they erupt in fighting!


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