Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its an overdose , again

It could only be me, but the Kenyan media especially TV are fond of overdosing us with programs. just a few years ago, every station worth its salt had to air latin american soaps with voice overs , beautiful people, nice houses and flowers and very poor acting. We were overdosed until we became sick then in came the oga movies. the story was the same. husband snatching and witchcraft, prayer and big money all going together. then fast followed 'local' production of home made movies and series and now i feel really overdosed with reality competitions, mara top this , best in that etc all at the same time. Does anyone ever do market surveys?

And as i relax at home for a well deserved vacation (not yet rich enough to go the mara) I cant help but watch live coverage of the EAC investor conference at the KICC. they started with 'light' entertainment. They cant be missed. if you were in Kenyan anywhere in the '80s the traditional dances and songs have remained largely the same with no value addition whatsoever. even mwana wa mberi (sp) was sung and danced to, then the pokomo dancers , kuria dancers and mamalaka choir. same script only younger performers. I saw these things when i was young i grew through them and now when am older than the performers they are the same. one thing i dread at being a politician is being bored with mediocre entertainment. But pray, what do our visitors think when they see the same entertainment year in year out?


  1. You've just reminded me of parades for public holidays with all them kamba dancers who used to do acrobatics and stuff.

    Speaking of which, there was a famous mass choir in the 80's called the Muungano National Choir who also used to travel abroad and sing at big events. I think their leader was a one charismatic chap called Boniface Mganga, but I may be wrong. They actually were a class act for their time with great folk songs like the taita song Kaunga Yache...

  2. You are fond of chekeshaing me even in a 'packed' day.I also wonder why people don't get tired of:

    1) Oga movies: Witch-craft, some money
    2) South American soaps: always boy/man, girl/woman, evil woman, comic relief character sometimes, rich family, boy/man ends up with girl/woman.

    But then again the Bold and the Beautiful has been around for, what, a decade and a half?

  3. The soaps! Each time I bump into one some lady is crying.

    Darius Kayamba is probably modern day Muungano?

    PKW and always some family feud and revenge.

  4. Hey Odegle,

    Is there a way people could go off grid at all? Is harvesting rain water an option at all, espesh now as it's 'winter'? It sure is worrying, the level of corruption AND incompetence.


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