Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What(er) Problem!

If there is one thing I dread it is feeling helpless or knowing that am in a situation where I have little or no control. But since last week am finding myself in this particular situation due to acute shortage of water where I stay. What makes it more severe is the fact that I have very little or no control over how the water distribution or lack of it is done. Just last month, I went to the NWS offices to pay my bill and discovered that for the past 1 year I have been paying someone else's bill. The staff corrected the anomaly but did not offer even a simple sorry. This is what makes me angry. That am being served by people who are either hopelessly incompetent or sinfully corrupt. Worse is that I have no idea what to do about the situation.

Indeed every time any one shows me the water levels at ndakaini dam and tells me that if God doesn't send rain in the next 6 months things would get worse, I feel like smashing the telly (hasira hasara) It makes me feel very very desperate and helpless. That the CEO is there on TV telling me that in his old age, training and experience he knows no other way to get water to his customers other than from ndakaini which must be filled by the Almighty God. Where do they get water in Dubai, or Saudi Arabia, or even South Africa with no rivers nor ndakainis?

But when I was feeling helpless like that, my good friend Denis was already getting a solution to all the governmental failures. Denis tells me that he plans to create his own micro government and provide everything they have failed to provide to his family. How will he do it? Already started by acquiring 1 acre plot in Ngong hills (from someone who grabbed it from the forest!) He will then put up a wind mill so that his power will come whether it rains on not. He will also drill a bore hole so that Ndakaini doesn't control his life. Finally he plans to buy all the idle land around his home so that he can control development. His 'country' will have proper roads, trees grown and waste properly disposed.


  1. Pole. If the Almighyt sends the rains now and there's flooding, we'll be very surprised because we didn't build any dikes all this time. We'll be back asking him to stop it! Truth is, He/She/It has given us power to control nature, but we choose to mess it up and act like victims.Failure to plan....is plan to fail, or so the cliche goes.

  2. El-Nino is coming. Plenty of water, floods and possible loss of life and livelihood. As PKW says, they're waiting. No planning, no nothing, just waiting to give dire statistics.

    Pole about the shortage. It can be very frustrating.

  3. I so feel you! All this makes me sick and especially the destruction of the forests. I just can't get over it and the fact that all I ever hear is politicking from all those &*%$! I'll stop watching news to spare myself an ulcer.


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