Thursday, June 25, 2009

Of Ministers and University

A new bill is in the offing to force the president of the republic to appoint only men and woman of higher learning to the head ministries. A number of people are happy with this proposition but am just wondering, how will that work if there is no equal provision for the head of government and HOS to also have the degree?

Further when I read this news item, my mind was quickly taken back to my village and I remembered my good cousin Otieno. A simple young man of very modest education. Otieno only sat for class 8 after which he had to go to town (Nairobi) to look for work to help his siblings. Today Otieno who is much younger than me has already put up his own home, is married with 3 children and has a very stable family. Every time he comes home, teachers and local 'highly' educated individuals troupe to him for odd side jobs for a quick buck.

Then I also thought of Charity Ngilu who without a degree is quite a successful personality very principled and focused. in '97 she helped 15 men and women to see parliament some for the very first time in their lives. When she opted out of the party it died a natural death. There probably are many other examples but the bottom line is this: there are some life lessons that you don't get from the university and secondly university gives you a shortcut to knowledge but some street lessons are by far priceless and I hold that requiring a degree for ministers is not a very wise idea.

Further more in most professions mine included, industry certifications count for much more than a degree. For instance a person with CCNE or OCM certification is highly valued and their degree status will not even be considered. That's what I thought when I saw that one minister may be dropped even though he has CPA (K)!

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  1. I think its just a benchmark. What we are really looking for is peeps who can deliver what they've been asked to do. In the way they've been asked to. We've tried all kinds apart from the most obviuos. Trustworthy peeps with a real record of slefless delivery. Not many of them around.

    I remember when Kiraitu first stood for bunge. He was an average income earner in a very ksh-conscious constituency. He was actually being sponsored by voters. Look at him today. He can't get into a ministry without eating his way thru it. Many other egs even that v fat lawyer who had to flee kenya at one time due to m-o-i 's ways. Today he is the establishment and eats all ways.


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