Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wanted: Good Subjects

At one point in a place I worked before, we had just about 11 managers out of a total workforce of 27. Translating to about 1.45 workers per manager a ratio of almost 1:1. It was absurd really but no one seemed to be able to notice. We just knew that we were not performing as a team. We were made to understand that we weren't working hard enough, nor smart enough.We attended many trainings, team building sessions and motivational seminars to no success. It took a new head of the team to actually restructure the whole thing and reduce the number of positions of absolute responsibility and increase the number of workers.

I have been thinking of this scenario a lot lately and it reminds me of the statistician's belief that a society however small is a non-biased representation of a wider population. It points to a fact that in our nation, we have too many leaders or too many people aim at being leaders. This is what leads us to having very few citizens or followers. It points out really why each of our leadership positions are fought for so ferociously. Even our sports associations cannot agree to have leaders and followers. everyone of them would want to be the chairman, secretary, director etc. Who will be led then?

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  1. You are absolutely right about the number of leader that we have in this country. As we continue to increase the budget deficit; we should really question why we have so many officials.
    To make matters worse these officials do not act in the best interest of the common mwananchi


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