Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Economic Recovery

An interesting discussion ensued the other day. Who should be leading the economic recovery and who will benefit immediately? Should the stimulation be left entirely to the government and its operatives or should the business community take an active role in the same? Should it be bloggers or the media to renew confidence in the Kenyan economy? And who stands to benefit the most from the kind of boom we enjoyed shortly in the middle of this decade? The boom which resulted in ponzi schemes, speculation, manipulation and eventual collapse of the dreams of many? I hold that while the government maintains its oversight role, its upon all of us and especially the business and investor community to renew confidence in the economy and revive. Its upon the business community and trained economists to stir debate on the best stimulus to take us back to that free and enjoyable ride. Bloggers also need to keep alive the dialogue and lessons learnt be kept at heart for continued prosperity and achievement of the Kenyan dream. Finally I think that Kenya is more beautiful when all of us are enjoying and only sadists (who are actually sick) can claim to enjoy their wealth when everyone else is crying.

on another note, its clear that our staple maize is actually abundantly available in the Rift Valley and Western Provinces. The farmers are reportedly holding the commodity until the govt agrees to buy it at 'better' prices. An argument almost the same as that of the teachers. What I wonder is why the farmers would like to sell their grain to serikali in the first place. Why cant they form a cooperative to mill the grain and sell the floor. that way they can get better prices and also the whole value.

And I was reminded that the teachers strike may abort after all since the government did not care when, during the doctors strike, it watched hundreds of Kenyans die as the doctors stayed away. I thought that was a different govt which was heartless and insane until I was told that the forest could be been replaced but not the monkeys!


  1. few points:
    1)i think first of all you are assuming there is a stimulus plan. second
    2)the govt only thinks that kenya "might" be affected by the worldwide slump.
    3)we gonna find out soon how competent kibakis is or wether he was dealt a good card by the world economy.
    4)the problems in kenya the oil and maize issue is mainly because of govt interference in business.

  2. I link your points only that am thinking that we should not leave everything to govt. History has tought us that it never works


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