Monday, January 19, 2009

Leadership: Not an End in Itself

I have often said to my friends colleagues and even those who feel they don't like me much that leadership is not an end in itself. ok to put it more succinctly, leadership positions are not an end but a means to an end. You do not lead for the fun or the sake of leading. You are supposed to assume that position to enable you to show the others the way and the nirvana that they may not be able to see.

You are supposed to in that position be able to motivate them to cross the valley or climb the mountain that seems insurmountable. You should be available to lead. There is absolutely no need getting in positions of influence or authority and then sitting back and assuming that your job is done.

This however is what I keep on meeting from time to time. Most of the time in our society, we have to postpone our meetings because certain leaders were unable to attend and there was no quorum. At times meetings must start late since the main leaders were late.

Last Saturday during a graduation ceremony at Tangaza college, Professor Maviri , VC of CUEA defined justice in a very interesting way. That for instance if you are a leader, and you called a meeting, doing justice would be to attend the meeting on time and if you were not able to be on time due to traffic or anything at all, that you may forward your apology and when you finally arrived you would apologize again. I think I can expand that further by saying that justice would also mean providing leadership in the first place.

Why pray do people who have absolutely no clue where to take even themselves insist on staying on?

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