Monday, September 01, 2008

uplifting the soul

Two things happened recently which were very uplifting. one was seeing a young Kenyan woman beat a crowded pack of experienced athletes to bring home the first women Olympic gold. However the Kenyans who take part in these races normally depress me as much as they uplift me. Seeing someone sprint like that to the finish line after soaking up 1500 meters or more is depressing in equal measure as the joy of seeing the Kenyan flag doing the victory laps after such a tough race. The Kenyan athletes show me that it can be done but they also remind me how unfit i am.

the other uplifting event gave me the same feeling. The speeches during the democrats convention in Denver. All the speakers surprised me in a very uplifting way. first Michele giving an address which would have been fit for the nominee himself. then Hillary Clinton stressing with a smile and conviction that everyone should rally behind the candidate who denied her her own chance to write history. Then came Clinton the man who put to rest all doubts that anyone had and declared clearly his support and thereby showing his own courage and strength as a man. But the icing was watching Mr. Obama take the world through arguably one of the most soul lifting speeches of recent times. it looked like he was talking off his head and heart. it was not a written rehearsed speech as i guessed. Even McCain had to stop and congratulate the man first!

However the Colorado convention had its own depressing reminders to me. for one that if it were Kenya, Michele would not have addressed the gathering, Hillary would have defected to republican or worse formed her own party. Bill Clinton would have fronted Chelsea instead and McCain would have called Mr Obama all sorts of unprintables.

The fortunate thing is that the encouragement i got from those two great events is far greater than the other realities that cause discouragement. It was even more uplifting to see nyahururu residents give their son a fitting welcome.

By the way, how are people handling the electricity tariffs? apart from buying energy saving bulbs etc. am actually actively looking for a good solar installer. the energy bills are obscene!

I have said it before but it doesn't pain to say again: I wonder who the producers of Tahidi High in citizen come from. How come that show is so far ahead of the rest in the same country. Success should be copied. the other teams have no excuse to keep on showing mediocre series when we have such talent around.


  1. I agree, the DNC was absolutely and without question very uplifting. Michelle and Hillary were great! What amazing women! Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Joe Biden were also just as fabulous! There's something about this kind of camaraderie in a political party that really uplifts the soul, especially when you compare to our politics in Kenya.

    Now, the icing on the cake came on Thursday: Obama is such a dynamic and engaging orator; the likes of whom don't come about but once every couple of decades. Some of my older American friends who can remember the early 60s actually compare Obama's charisma and presence to John F. Kennedy! One of the most revered of American presidents, who unfortunately, did not live long enough to see the fruits of the hard fought civil rights. It's very interesting how things work out; It was John F. Kennedy's administration that was responsible for sponsoring the group of young African Students in the late 50s and early 60s to come to the US for further studies; and guess who just happened to be among those young students? Obama Senior! Isn't that something?! and now his son is being compared to this great man! I can't even begin to imagine Obama Senior's reaction if he were here today.

    While watching the speeches, I couldn't help but think just how lucky our children are that they can witness what it really means to be a dynamic part of a team, even when you don't agree on everything. It was very gracious and a class act how Hillary conceded and actually turned around to endorse, support, and campaign for her fellow democrat! I hope our politicians are taking notes; because as both Hillary and Barack have said, it shouldn't be about the person running for office; but about the people and the cause that one is running for. I hope we shall see the day that our Kenyan politicians capture this vision. This is a historic event, and we are all so fortunate to be witnessing it!

  2. Elec bill! Just take a deep breath and shut your mouth to prevent cursing! I've already done the energy saving bulbs bit so nowhere else to turn for now but to operate in darkness.

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  4. @no-spin, very well put! it should be about the people and the cause

    @mwasjd, lol at the dark reality

    @anno, that site cannot be opened

  5. Obama - great
    McCain -drab,boring
    Elec bills: pure case of robbery.

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