Friday, September 26, 2008

A few Bush truths

Every cloud has a silver lining so the sages say. and in every bush there is a flower. Well that should count true for the American Bush as well. 8 years of his misrule, most Americans and indeed most of the world is not just sore but desperate as well. However we cannot wave the guy goodbye without relishing the few lessons he gave Americans and indeed the whole world.

1. That America is not that strong after all: the initial raid on Iraq that was meant to end after mere shock and awe, has dragged on to date with countless American families crying over wasted years, dangers faced by their sons and daughters and increased hatred by the world

2. Democracy is the not the panacea: its telling that American citizens are weighed heavily with crippling debt. most of which are given by China. Now when it comes to governance, America is the exact opposite of China. and for years they have never seen eye to eye. yet its said every American now owes china an average of 6000 USD . so whose policy aint working?

3. We are all human red or blue: The American election in 2000 and also the current campaigns have shown that there is no difference between Africa and the west. we are all greedy for power. and we can stop at nothing to achieve it. We all discriminate others on the basis of their differences etc.

4. That America is not as clever as believed : What do you say when one man constantly eludes a first world and gets away with one murder after another. all the scientists, investigators, professors etc are unable to get the dude! the 'great' nation has now turned to the third world to get foot soldiers to fight its funny wars in the poppy growing land

5. That you cant bite the hand that feeds you: as long as oil continues to drive the world economy, it will be difficult to beat the people who literally dig for money. whether you push them shove them or toss them

6. Time is up for world bullies: as shown by Kibaki and his like minded friends. if they bully you in the west, go to the west , south , north else Libya

7. You can only rule a person who needs you: Its proving increasing difficult to control a world which is fast becoming independent in every sense of the word. Most leaders no longer look to Bushland and threats just don't work!


  1. interesting .. though note thsi every household in America may owe china $6000 . but America can decide to make that $6k worthless by debasing its currency as its doing. 2
    China has lent each american hosehold that money so that they can buy chinese products.

    This thing is more vicious its an economic nuclear bomb everybody dies. and Paulson was trying to hold the trigger by himself

  2. anon, did you see the CEO salaries? Those figures are obscene!


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