Saturday, September 06, 2008

more uplifts

Today must be one of the best days for kenya. after watching Pamela Jelimo win her and Kenya's first ever jackpot in athletics , the 1 million dollar golden league series, another Kenyan Vivian Cheruyot won the 5000 meter race beating the opponent just at the finish line, the brilliant day ended with Kenyan soccer team Harambee stars show casing great talent poise and skill to take down the much fancied Namibia team. The Kenyans were fantastic. the most refreshing thing to me was the break away from Ghost Muleis media antics. the new tactician Kimanzi is a very reserved man. rather relaxed and humble. But his charges are what make you want to look at the man again. It was very uplifting watching the indefatigable Oboya doing the runs around the field. he was found almost everywhere. Noah Ayuko in goal was hardly test as the back line was tightly manned by opiyo and Ochieng. Two other greats were Njoroge through whom the penalty came and highly skilled Mohamed.


  1. very uplifting stories indeed but OD, I feel like I've been told by the NSE to walk the plunk!!! What's up with the stock market? I should have bought land instead.

  2. Actually our NSE is still doing better than the world average. frankly, the NSE though dipping cannot be compared with what is happening across the world. The key word is patience and for me, i know things will start looking up pretty soon.


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