Wednesday, September 10, 2008

of beauty and brawn

I downloaded Google web browser for trial. i like it for the beauty, the novelty of treatment of tabs, history and even its ability to auto-configure. But like they say most beauty is often used as cover up for certain fundamental flaws. like they say academically challenged people get beauty at birth as a cover up for that fatal flaw. With chrome, the Google browser, i find am not able to log in to google mail! of all the pages. even this blog entry is not possible to make when using chrome. i am not even able to go to the comments page. further, even though its sold as optimized for web embedded videos, the thing does not work when you are behind a firewall. it just hangs and looks at you like a beautiful fool. Ok lets be fair, Chrome is still in beta, meaning its still not officially released but i wonder why they made this trial at the same time that mozilla Firefox was releasing a new improved version of their own web browser. the new version is cute, fast and with several likable add-ons.

more on beauty, my colleague is back from a 3 week visit to Portugal. he reports to us that Lisbon is probably cleaner than the inside of his own house here in kenya. Everything works, people respect you and everywhere you go you feel alive. That story is similar to that of my cousin coming back from a visit to to The United States. Trees are alive and beautiful, everyone drives, life works and effort is very small. Those stories are great, compelling and inspiring just like what i want to make my Kenya to be in my own small way.

That the NSE has fast lost investor wealth is not fodder for any prime time news. and Kenyans are probably having a love hate relationship with Safaricom. its like the feeling you get when you marry your beautiful(or handsome) teenage heart throb only for reality to hit you when you realize, kids must be fed, clothed, schooled and disciplined. and that beauty is only meant to attract the best suitor, happiness is what you work on.

Seriously though, the Kenyan market is doing much better than most global markets. there is a general slump and the current despair or anger is very much misplaced. some people are saying they could have been better off buying land which is assured. Speculation on land is largely responsible for the looming food insecurity in Kenya, water shortages lack of expansion land for roads etc. speculation on land is not creative capitalism.

Is there anything like creative capitalism? Bill Gates thinks so. its a break away from the traditional way of donating huge chunks of money to charity after making money irresponsibly through obscene prices like those of petrol and electricity in Kenya, environmental pollution and sinfully low wages and long stressful working hours, to a humane approach to business which is basically avoiding the need for charity in the first place.

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