Tuesday, September 11, 2007

technology is talent

the sweet chinese lady takes my digital foto, removes the memory card and puts it in the family foto lab, edits the picture, adds background, frame, captions, brightness, removes red eye etc. then prints. takes about 5-10 minutes. perfect thats the same amount of time taken by an emiratee to caricature me! free hand plus add a few funny things in the background. i wonder how long it would take our own Gathara to do the same

but AMD probably took longer time to research and come up with the worlds first true quod core processor. the gaming experience including FIFA 2006 is perfect. the chip is for high end servers, so if you are still not at the mind range level then you must wait to grow up first. whats more, it doubles your server performance without necessarily requiring more power (electricity) even your data center size remains pretty much the same.

ou etes vous intel?


  1. Eh, si that's how digi fotos are processed here in kenya, by kenyan chics (my last passport photo processed).
    Quod core - seems AMD is pushing the bar ever higher. Still on intel though, don't run heavy apps on my pc/laptop. Gaming is on PS2 bado.


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