Tuesday, September 25, 2007

back to scene

exactly one month after the car incident, i went back to the home through which we escaped. i wanted to just go and see it again and probably also know the owner and thank him. it is in a very posh part of lower kabete just off lower kabete road and i was made to understand belongs to a mr. muriithi. this neighborhood also houses strong people like MJ of safaricom, several embassies and the like. the groundsman told me they knew about the incident since they had seen our 'nyayo' around the home. this area is normally guarded 24 /7 through armed response units. however the grounds man went on the say that his 'boss' was carjacked just the other day right at his lighted and guarded gate. however his story was different since the car ran out of petrol when they were at gathiga. so they dumped him there and carjacked another poor soul again at the latter's gate.

but the man went on to say that this particular area is a thug corridor. those who rob on the lower kabete side use it to cross to the loresho side and vice versa. gun battles are an almost weekly occurrence here. that ran chills down my spine. one thing you don't want to find yourself in is a gun battle between thugs and police.

away from such sad stories to depressing ones. yesterday, i was at the standard investment bank after quite a while. the last time i was here, i could hardly find anyone to attend to me. every one was so busy and pre-ocupied. yesterday, all those idle tellers were all too eager to attend to me. the banking hall was virtually empty and the investment advicers were just lazying about. everyone here was blaming elections for their predicament. i asked them to advice the old man to call a snap election. after all according to him elections is only one day. then we can go on with our lives.

but the elections have some bad things as well. after the president and his trade minister lied to the western voters that sugar quota was extended by 4 more years, it was revealed that in fact the government had not even sent a formal request to comesa as yet!

maybe another cause of the depression of prices is the many recently rich young kenyans who are liquidating their shares to run for elective positions. in Kenya, politics is the apex of the need hierarchy and once you make some money you normally run for a parliamentary seat.

lakini, the truth is that this time is a perfect time to acquire as much shares as you can. things will look up next year when sanity returns to home.


  1. very sorry I didn't comment on your earlier unfortunate experience. pole

  2. Od, brokers can look fwd to 8 months of driought...

  3. Shame about the brokers and election hangups- though I think its more a reflection that prices are too high for retail investors (as they wait for Safaricom). As for what Mumias investors we told - too bad. Decision will be in November

  4. @banks, thank you nishapoa

    @anon, true dat.

    @banks, somehow kenyans dont get annoyed even if they are lied to. however i think MSC is still a good counter even without the extension

  5. The GOK is trying to get Safcon's OFS off the ground asap... for the goodwill before elections!


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