Friday, September 07, 2007

of TV and shocks on me

sometimes people really shock me, nay TV really shocks me. And just yesterday, TV showed me the ever green Julie Gichuru confront the minister for finance with the tough question on the Kroll report. the man who has won my respect over time denied on camera that he knew anything about it. shock! julie then said but its all over, the man said well am not the author. we know that. so what? he went on : "i didn't receive it . i didn't even commission it" so? it was commissioned by your government sir! the fact that it was commissioned before you became minister for finance doesn't make a difference. he then said he hadn't even seen it. good old Julie had the report in her hand and promptly handed it over to the cornered minister. he declined to even take a look! he said he wants to receive it officially, from the KACC.

But Julie was wasting her breath since the same TV said that the MPs had 'horse traded' and got 333 million golden handshake in place of forgiving all past economic criminals. thats all economic crimes commited before 2004 were all forgiven! that means, goldenberg, anglo leasing, ndungu land report , etc were all trashed.

but TV was not done with me, more shocks awaited me. the PS for transport a mr. Ikiara, said on camera that "....only 30 Kenyans were dying every week in road accidents ..." that is a senior government official! yet we all know that these deaths can be avoided. michuki showed us that in 2003-2004. Kenyans don't have to put their lives at risk each time they get out to look for the daily bread.

then TV went on to say that 11 kenyans were killed as they went to rob a bank in TZ. TV mentioned that they were innocent robbers

further TV also said that Jirongo, the man who almost took kenya to Zimbabwe some time back will become our president since Mudavadi was not nominated ODM candidate. there were more shocks that TV gave me yesterday, but again i remember it always does that!


  1. Odegle man, with TV you got to hold your seat till arms ache otherwise you'll get tossed factually. As for the PS, even Dr. Mutua recently said carjacking on Nairobi is now archive material. Those 11 kenyans felled in TZ, can't blame tanzanians for being sluggish about EAC. I mean, if we can go down for their money this early, what of when border fences are removed? But I think their version of flying squad " kikosi kipeperukacho" (maybe), is fireworks...

  2. We all know... moi has thrown his support behind kibaki as long as kibaki does not go after moi, his sons, his buddies & their ill-gotten wealth.

  3. If the said 'innocent robbers' are killed in kenya we don't blame our security forces for doing so but when the are in TZ we start complaining. I think they have portrayed kenya in a bad light. In todays dailies 2 of the said robbers are confirmed to have had criminal cases in the country.

  4. Mwizi ni mwizi... if we can't kill them, let the Tanzanians do it!!!

    At least 1/2 of them had an extensive criminal record. The other half might have been too slippery for Kenyan police.

    Or the Kenyan police were compromised unlike their Tanzanian counterparts!

  5. Ebu ask the whiners: What is an "innocent" robber?

  6. to be frank, i have a feeling that we have neither the will nor the desire to tackle crime. it appears the pple who should do it are the criminals themselves. what we have is a leadership of criminals by criminals!


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