Friday, April 27, 2007

research and statistics

a new survey has found out that the poverty levels in the country have dropped by a massive 10%. most interesting is that the survey found that nyanza was richer than western and rift valley the two grain baskets of the country. this new study negates the finding of earlier studies which suggested that indeed nyanza was trailing everybody else in the country. researches and studies are always very interesting. like another man said whoever pays the piper calls the tune! some older research i heard of suggested that eggs were not good for your health, but subsequently another study found that an egg a day keeps the doctor away. another study suggested that eating fish makes you vulnerable to HIV! while a second found that HIV is easily transmitted through irresponsible sex. one further found out that fish and fish products are your best source of animal protein and so on. the list of studies and their findings is as interesting and funny as people and their beliefs.

the probability and statistics courses i studied kept on talking about unbiased estimate of the population. i wonder whether that applies in real life as well


  1. Od-there are lies, damned lies and statistics. Anything with Amos Kimunya's name on it, I tend to treat with scepticism at best and disdain at worst. I think I tend to trust this more.

  2. Numbers/statistics/data can be beaten to produce any result

  3. @mainat , you say it so straight and well
    @pesatu, another reason to be afraid of the prospectus most times perhaps. What i wonder is what there is to gain from these new lies

  4. i think the biggest lie is that we are financing 95% of budget without aid. its just a numbers game of weher you account for all the aid - kwani all this aid from china, the US and UK is not aid and is not this aid doing stuff the govt ought to be doing

  5. @anon, you never know, maybe its not aid to kenya ..


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