Wednesday, April 25, 2007

rain allergies

some time back just after graduation and on my first job, we used to have a rather adventurous evenings. we were sharing a bedsitter with my cousin in zima. each time it rained or threatened to rain when we were in town, hell would break lose. the matatu fares would go up to 100 from 20 bob, matatus would disappear, yet there would be traffic jam that would last for hours. on the way you would meet tens of accidents . the streets of city in the sun would become mini lakes and electricity would go. or as people use to say , there would be no lights. but thank God for the house of mumbi, umbrellas would spring up from all over the place just in time for the rain. however we would forget those umbrellas in the matatus on our way home and in case it rained the following day , the story would repeat itself.

that was over 8 years ago. a lot of rain has fallen since then and even professors of politics have since retired. chama cha baba na mama has become chama cha ODM and the sellers of the umbrellas have become the ruling tribe. however the country is still allergic to rain. and just the other day when it began to rain the story which is now 8 years old for me,(maybe older for others) repeated itself. why do people lose their heads when it rains, why the sudden traffic jam, the lights going off, the increase in fairs?

it confounds me that after all these years, every time it rains, people from budalangi and kano still come on TV asking for help from serikali yetu tukufu! but i learnt the other day that locals in budalangi sometimes dig away the dikes so that their homes can be flooded. apparently flooding in these areas is welcome news since they get to get blankets, foodstuffs, clothes and even school fees.

The reason the flooding is depressing is that given that Netherlands is built on the sea, we do not have to reinvent the wheel. all we have to do is ask those mean guys to come down and do it for us. we will pay

on another note. i wonder what bloggers feel about the Kenya RE IPO? this firm does not have very good news about it. i can see them really making frantic efforts to shape their PR but, i have this silent fear that it may be worse than Eveready.

in other news government has decided to stop the second sale of kengen, they had hoped that they would perform a mumias sugar with it but ng'o! even family finance has decided to retract. speculators took off and the market was no longer lucrative.


  1. more questions being raised at Kenya Re. At this point, and with the budget deficit there, the government should move on and look for other profitable parastatals it can part privatise - like Kenya Pipeline Company

  2. I come kano but just like roads to Western kenya the issue of flood control has not been taken very seriously by any regime it is high time the state learnt that developing infrustracture is for the good of all and sundry.

    About kenya-re ipo I smell a rat all the way and it may not be good at all.

    As for kengen issue I believe it is the best thing to have happened to retail investors and that is the way to go for stabilisation of price of the stock.

  3. KPA can raise funds to fast-track the construction of the pipeline...

    AccessKenya is absed on "faith"... like Scangroup... can they expand their business?

    I think they have the knowhow to expand but face competition...


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