Wednesday, April 04, 2007

better brighter news

don't you just like the way in 4 short years, citizen TV which was perennially frustrated by the former KANU administration has transformed itself?

Apart from providing several fm services in local languages, royal media has outside broadcasting and local kiswahili based fm station that resonates very well with the locals. actually apart from openly biased reporting at times (citizen often dedicates entire days to cover government friendly activities live) the station has some very localy oriented programing, for instance it has such firsts as live racing from ngong race course, local drama eg tahidi high. etc. its also the only station that has truly kenyan musical show (with no funny imitations) recently they decided to face competition head on and move their news slot to the prime times of 19hrs and 21 hrs. to add salt to the sore, they bagged the likable Swaleh Mdoe, the ever green Catherine Kassavuli who was actually the face of KTN and even ephy hunja! Louis Otieno who has authoritatively cut a niche for himself in the live interview segment is also squarely in the bag and citizen has even freshened the segment by bringing the interviews during news time. its just deadly. Otieno is doing extremely well and his questions are normally beautifully intelligent and direct.

however my absolute favorite is the NSE segment where they bring in people in the industry to discus the days trading. however in this segment, i wish they would ask more intelligent questions. they probably need to bag more intelligent news gatherers from KTN to help with drafting questions on the NSE trading. in fact talking about content, KTN still wins by a mile and half to spare. KTNs news is normally quite well researched especially the business segment. when it comes to business news reporting KTN is head and shoulders above the rest.

I look forward to another first from royal media, i guess it will be the first local language TV station which will initially be dismissed by politicians as tribal before they all rush to have it cover them.

but moving from the media and all things related, i am worried about the total lack of concern from the authorities as Kenyans continue to fleece their fellow countrymen. that MEGA bank initiative is it legal, if even fair? and elsewhere, mungiki is still taxing Kenyans for doing business in Kenya.

but fellow bloggers, don't you feel its our responsibility to put pressure on those in influential positions to put an end to the violence in mount elgon. isn't it absurd that everybody, even the hitherto loud mouthed catholic and Anglican churches is loudly silent on the matter. by the way were those two churches dissolved with the exit of Moi from power?

yesterday i found it very difficult to watch the news on the orgy of violence and death that has been visited on this part of Kenya.


  1. Salut Odegle,I always happen to watch Citizen o my way to other chanels.
    I'm in agreement with you except in the first part. SK is simply playing politics just the way Njenga Karume does to protect his business empire. Whats happening now is that he's just tring to give it a competitive face without content. The reporters still remain third rate, the music show lacks creativity and the music itself not so original, I sometimes wonder whom they are targeting.
    I think Loius is overrated, on a number of occassions I've got the impression of him being immature and he sometimes comes out a s a showbiz person (blingz). During his maiden show on citizen, honestly there is nothing intelligebly he asked Kalonzo. By the way what was the camera man trying to do by bringing thier faces closer?
    Nothing personal against him (Otieno).
    Please read:

  2. I ain't watched Citizen for quite some while, but I also think it's the most patriotic station we got.. the only problem is they got all rejects (Louie Otieno) from other stations and put em on theirs...
    :.Just Sue.:

  3. about MEGA, this is just another ponzi scheme to fleece gullible farmers.Why do i have a feeling that all these ponzi schemes are orchestrated by higher powers. Remember, its an election year and the days of Y2K are gone so politicians may be developing newer ways of raising funds.

    And that raises an issue about the government's hands-off approach to these ponzi schemes,i bet you some powerfull politicians are behind these money schemes.

  4. @jakarumba , ah well, i agree their content is still wanting. about otieno, i also think he has airs but i have always forgiven him since i think he is young.

    @sue, i dont think otieno is a reject, in fact he is quite sought after these days, remember how NTV struggled to fill his shoes when he left. and in fact they have never got that kick. i only compare him the wahome muciri

    @Kudriketh, you may be right and that would be very scary


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