Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wishful thinking

...there was uproar in parliament yesterday upon revelation that the former finance minister one david arap mwiraria allegedly tried to talk the former anti graft czar Arap Githongo into droping investigations on anglo leasing. (hear the recording here ) the leader of opposition, mr mwai kibaki blamed the govt for the sleaze terming it as a shame and abomination. he said that kenyans will continue to slide into poverty as official corruption continued to take monumental proportions. he added that more than 70% of kenyans currently lived below the poverty line. kibaki demanded the immediate arrest and imprisonment of arap mwiraria and kiraitu ngeny murungi.

elsewhere the ncec co convenor, prof kivutha kibwana has issued notice that if immediate steps were not taken to apprehend those implicated, he will organise countrywide strike by hard working kenyans. during an internationl press conference attended by among others PAC chairman musikri kombo, the activist said that corruption is the major contributor of poverty everywhere in kenya. he further threatened to hold street demonstrations and mass action against the curruption riddled administration.

and the catholic episcopal conference has issued yet another pastoral letter with a stinging criticism on the sleaze in government. talking to reporters on phone yesterday, the chairman arch bishop john njue said kenyans must rise up and demand accountability. he demanded that all those involved be arrested and arraigned in court over the matter. meanwhile the archbishop of nairobi Ndingi mwana a nzeki said the tape was a great shame and a slap on the face of hardworking kenyans, speaking during the lunch time mass also attended by pic chairman paul muite, ndingi said they will later on issue a joint press conference with the head of anglican church archbishop nzimbi as another govt critic reverend mutava musyimi issued notice to take the matter to court. he was supported by reverend timothy njoya who has been a strong advocate for the down trodden.


  1. Odegle, this is a hilarious one. Where is part II?

  2. Am really wondering whether Profs. Kibwana and Musyimi would have the guts to face the government at all.

    How I wish we could have men of integrity and dignity

  3. Odegle

    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha....
    Very funny!


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