Thursday, January 18, 2007

business oportunities

if you are a fast acting business viper then you wil find this information very exciting. due to the world social forum, all the hotels in the city are currently fully booked. some delegates have had to be booked as far as naivasha and perharps nakuru. the situation is grim. this is probably what SA will witness come 2010. remmember that this booking is hapening when the city still expects its normal visitors who troop in for business and other things on business as usual. in fact a friend of mine who usualy checks into some of the choicy hotels could only get accomodation in south B. given that the conference will take two weeks. this is a grand oportunity to venture into hospitality industry. if you cannot put up a hotel real fast then you can give up your digz and put up with a friend for those 2 weeks. if you charge a modest 2K per day you stand to gain 28,000 per room!

and while that is happening, pastor pius muiru will be getting ready to get to the maximum office having launched his maximum bid yesterday. i love the way muiru talks. and given that most presidential aspirants are not good orators. this man will provide the much needed entertainment. recently his churches youth group called maximum mellodies lauched a very well done album. MM is actually a recent kora award winner. their performance is normaly quite electric and captivating. if they include that in the maximum campaigns that are likely to take place, then... mr nyaga better be very afraid. also muiru is one of the well known televangelists given he does not descriminate and is probably the only one to have held crusades in almost every part of the country. most of his peers just hold them in posh areas of nairobi and other major towns. congrats muiru ... na neno itaendelea!

meanwhile another holy aspirant was reported to have thuped reports who went to get the truth and the glory from her. politics exposes you and whtever u do you can never escape the scrutiny. my good old friend Kodhek used to tell me that if you climb high up the ladder, you allow pple below to see the holes in your cassock. so either dont climb or make sure there are no holes.

and again there is no greater fallacy than fighting the media. history is replete with stories of those who tried and failed, the karuas, mois and michukis of this world


  1. Plenty are doing the hospitality thing. They are getting 20USD a day per person. Some are hosting upto 20 people at a time (those with mansions and no one to inhabit them). Plenty of opportunity for making cash.

  2. Who pays for the guests?
    How is one assured of payment?

    This will be crazy coz Nbi traffic is nasty as is... I would leave Nbi for a few days!

  3. This is a cutting edge blog. Hospitality right now in Kenya is exploding did you see the recent article in Daily Nation about the tourism growth there? Kenya and S. Africa lead the continent, if I am not mistaken the industry is growing in Kenya at a rate of 10%/year. Thats phenomenal and hospitality oriented businesses stand to gain some really handsome rewards right now.

  4. egm ... one only wishes he had these mansions before. but if you read todays nation, you realise that KICC has been readmited into the 130 best conferences list. what that means is more conference tourism on top of the the kawaida tourism. accommodation requirements wil continue to go up

  5. coldi ... these fora are normaly NGO funded so mostly you run very low risk. you sure will be paid. but i agree with you. if you hate crowds then you may as well head west for a while since at the coast crowds have started arriving for preperations for the cross country.

  6. Benin ... thank you for the compliment. am really humbled. tourism is a multiplier industry. demand for accomodation of course goes hand in hand with transport and entertainment, not mentioning food, gifts and so on. in fact what others are doing is that they are turning their personal (private) cars into taxis by night or in the evenings. for those 150K + people transport especialy from kasarani to town will be an issue and hence a goldmine!

  7. Odegle - We need to put you on the prez economic advisory team!

    At least you have PRACTICAL ideas that help move the country forward now while we wait for the "future"...

    I think Nairobians need to discover Western Kenya instead of running to the coast at every opportunity!

  8. Coldtusker:
    Those are wise words about Western Kenya!!!

    Ogdele, multiplier effect...hmmmm...Mr. Keynes would be proud!!!And yes, I have gotten reports from others too telling me the same thing about Nairobi.

  9. I loved the way u described the maximum presidential candidate.

  10. Coldi .. i would love that! a trip to western kenya is very very refreshing! the people are nice and real. the songs are true and not rehearsed. in fact in church we sang songs which are not put to keys and voices , rather they are truly african folk songs translated to xtian messages. and when you go for parties its real african song and dance.

    i normaly go to mombassa mainly for historical reasons and also for the swahili they speak down there. not to mention their relaxed ways. it makes you instantly aware that you are out of nairobi. but i was disapointed the other day when the 'maasais' who were entertaining us turned out to be actualy fake. only one of them was a maasai. most were not maasai and instead of performing their dance , they were forcing guests to buy their dance regalia. i wondered how come the hotel management allows that. yet that was the modern sun and sands hotel!

  11. Benin .. its really true!
    Pesa .. thanks and i hope you are ready for maximum leadership!


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