Friday, January 12, 2007

hair dressers under trees

If you are in nairobi, you probably go for haircuts from 'executive' barber shops where there are newspapers, old magazine, flat coffee and so on as side offerings. for this the nairobian pays about 200 /=. if you have gone to ashleys, which is probably one of the best then you sure parted with 350 /= or more. but your hair is removed by models who gently brush your hair and then massage your head and neck as you watch DSTV and sip instant cofee or del monte juice. the ambiance is expe. at home, there is no ashleys and no tea or coffee. the barber has solar power shaver. ( the car battery is connected to a jua kali alternator and then to a multiplug) a mango tree provides the much needed shade and in front of you is a large mirror which makes you look fat. looking fat is a plus in these parts. i must say i enjoyed the breeze that came with open air hair cut! other services available here are mobile phone charging , bike repair while you wait, free entertainment from radio (tuned to lake victoria fm) and of course countless juicy stories from your senior kinyozist who is also the finance officer and CEO. for that service you part with 15/= after a number of apologies that warm water is not available since the contraption cannot boil water. actually solar energy has made a lot of difference here. though for those teachers who made millions charging batteries using electricity, the solar inversion in not a very welcome idea.

firewood is scarce and wood charcoal retails at 300 per gunia, but if it gets to mumias it fetches 1000 /= yet mobil gas retails at about 1500 at the same place. however if you want constant wood fuel then u need to plant 'oyieko' or 'okonyojopango' or even jacaranda trees. they mature fast, dry fast upon cutting and make good wood fuel

and when we were thinking about that, the KCPE results came out and we realised that many kids will not go to form 1 due to lack of fees. it costs 24K per year to school a girl in a provincial school these sides. so i have teamed up with some of my friends and relatives to sponsor at least one girl per year untill we drop out of exhaustion!


  1. i think youre blog is really entertaining!plus i learn loads from it on how random kenyans secure their livelihoods!just wanted to encourage you as you send one girl child to school...don't forget the boys as well!oh and continue syking up people to do the same...imagine what could happen if every bunch of like 10 kenayns supported someone

  2. I do miss those simple barbers under the trees. As for sponsoring kids, that is a great idea because that is only $400 or so. I am sure working together with many people it can be done.

  3. Which one lasts long; 1000/= charcoal or 1500/= mobil gas? I’m just curious.

  4. thank you mama shady, for us this is a starting point. however the girls are really disadvantaged. from classes 1 to 5 they always lead their classes but from there on they drop since they are made to supplement family income through early mariage, being house helps , doing chores and so on. the other reason is that women are the greatest influence to the world. if you educate women you cause them to influence the world positively and progressively. what we have done is register the group as a CBO so that we can get contribution from more people. we are currently making a website to have the information on this in the net. thank you for your support


  5. acolyte .. thank you for your encouragement even great ships are built plank by plank. am sure we will help in what way posible

    kenyanomics .. one cylinder takes me 1 month and we are 8! one gunia of charcoal took me about 2 weeks and some days. plus think about wastage of trees. did you read my blog on trees? what are your comments. you normaly have very technical comments.


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