Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Often people change careers for different reasons; career growth, better challenges, job enrichment, remuneration etc.  Surprisingly, remuneration is normally the major trade off for which many career seekers opt to overlook other stronger priorities. Here are some examples.

Caren, was till two years ago a Human Resources Officer in a financial institution. She then got a job as a Remuneration specialist in a large NGO where she only specialized in salaries and benefits administration and policy oversight. Right now she has now lost three interviews for the Human Resources Manager since the market has a general perception that specialist hardly make very good oversight managers.

Grace has been an administrative assistant for many years in a middle level firm. Three years ago, a multinational offered her the opportunity of being a receptionist at twice the salary. She now finds it very hard to get to be short listed for even the position of an Administrative Assistant, a position she has held before. She is also under the threat of down sizing since her kind of skill is abundant and a fresh diploma graduate could be cheap.

Willis has always been referred to as a go getter in terms of the manner in which he has handled the marketing of his products, mostly house cosmetics. A head hunter managed to convince him to get into a company that marketed detergents. To date he has not managed to achieve his targets. Certainly, he will be relieved of his duties. Perhaps he never conceptualized what gave him an edge with marketing cosmetics.

In making a career move, ask you self;

Does the move enhance or build onto your acquired competencies?
Does it build onto your ultimate goal?
Does your career saturate and what would make you vulnerable to saturation?


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