Monday, November 14, 2011

Creative Interview Expressions and Associated Blunders

Creativity in speech is often one thing that initiates possible chemistry between the interviewer and the interviewee. This may often range from clarity of speech to use of figurative language. The real caution is usually to what extent a candidate may get to the extent of entertaining the interviewers rather than engaging them into healthy deliberations. Entertaining candidates are often very tempting for many interviewers but may be dismissed two minutes after they leave the interview room. After one session an interviewer commented the following about a candidate. “Well, I was sufficiently engaged and excited about her. I tend to believe that she projects more of a show off personality who may be frustrated if not openly recognized. I recommend that we talk about the other candidates”

Sometimes our language and means of communication may as well be portraying different things about us – some times unethical work behaviour. Below are some of the phrases, always meant for good, but behind which demeaning translations can be derived.

I am a go-getter. (Overly driven – the end justifies the means, dignity is no priority)

It is not strange to find me in the office on Sunday afternoon(because the whole week you are on facebook)

I am a no nonsense person with respect to substandard work (no one can grow through your supervision)

At some point, I think, my supervisor became jealous of my performance. (You are a lone ranger who cares the least about other people’s levels of contention – all credit for yourself. You seem to be celebrating conflicts that favour your opinion)

I strictly abide by company’s regulations and no thing else. (Do you have an idea that many breakthroughs come from people thinking beyond the obvious?)

Next time you think of an creative way to market yourself or stronger means to project your disposition, think about alternative messages that this could send to the potential employer.


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