Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Talented Kenyans

I discovered last weekend that it has been long since I attended a wedding. Well at least not a live one since here in Kenya we have a choice (or none?) of watching weddings on TV every weekend. I had to attend this particular one since I was one of the singers during the mass. I was impressed to say the least. The style, the decor, the fashion of both the men and women was simple supa. The maids matched all the large clothes hung on the walls and they also had a hint of the men's suits. The choreography was splendid and the chick (soon to be turned into a wife) walked with purpose like they do in the cat walk.

However I found it funny that they had invited us to sing since our singing was constantly interrupted because "the couple had a special recorded music for this and  that part" they even employed the services of some folk singers to sing real cultural sounds in mother tongue. The whole thing was a very well coordinated show and I give big thumb to the organizers.

One area though that I hope more Kenyans will become talented is in keeping time. For this ceremony, we had been told of starting at 9AM so I duly planned my rest of day to start at 11AM when I hoped the two lovers would have finished promising to be loyal and true to each other. However the groom didn't arrive until that very 11AM with a bonus 30 minutes on top. The bride delayed till 12:30PM then when she appeared she took a century to get out of the car after which the cat walk of her maids started to one slow music and her to another even slower music. My day was lost.

On another note, are men becoming women? These days I meet so many brothers in the kinyozi having their nails done and polished, hair dyed and decorated and all sorts of 'soft' treatments hitherto enjoyed only by the sisters. What is the motivation. I read one psychologists article that women aren't visual when it comes partner decision doesn't that mean that men's new obsession with grooming is all vanity?


  1. That's hilarious, you're very patient. One hour and I'd have left. I know my fellow Kenyans wouldn't walk away from a free meal spectacle included and a chance to show off their outfits. So what were the guests doing while waiting?

  2. I doubt people would stay on only for freebies. I think Kenyans are just good people who want to ensure others happy moments are truly happy.


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