Thursday, December 02, 2010

Feuerzangenbowle , Eierpunsch and Glühwein

Yesterday we went the Christmas market to try out the seasons top favorite Glühwein. Imagine the ingredients: wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar. The other was Feuerzangenbowle  prepared by setting rum-soaked sugar loaf on fire and letting it drip into mulled wine. Eierpunsch is made with egg yolks, sugar, white wine and vanilla.  you can imagine the taste! It was freezing at -5 C so the warm alcoholic drinks were more than welcome and it was quite interesting to see all those people in the Christmas all lined up e crazy for those crazy drinks


  1. The other was Feuerzangenbowle prepared by setting rum-soaked sugar loaf on fire and letting it drip into mulled wine.

    ı loveeee oleyy

  2. Heheheh.. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. That picture is just too funny and the tweets oh my,I don't tweet but I loved the calculate the tension between lucy & wambui.

  3. ¿Regresar el tiempo? es imposible, pero si pudieras grabarlo todo, absolutamente todo, necesitarias una nueva vida para verlo todo, a pesar de ya lo hayas visto... buen blog compatriota...

  4. Mas que felicitarte, te agradezco por haber creado este blog. Nunca imagine que existiera un medio que pudiera conectarnos con nuestra niñez de la forma como este blog lo hace. Muchos exitos y estamos esperando por lo nuevo.


  5. Hi Saro,
    I've been travelled and now I find many new things. The beautiful heading photo shows your sensibility, the autumn colours are really wonderful.
    Your family, friends, students, yourself... What is the secret? I ask the Gods to keep you so active. Thanks for everything.
    Kind regards,


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