Thursday, December 16, 2010

Noblesse Oblige

From what I have heard people say and the comments I have seen in the media blogs, its clear that many are as perplexed as I am about one Francis Muthaura's inclusion in Ocampo's six. Even Ali may be a surprise inclusion. I have always sympathised with this Mr. Ali, he was plucked from a job he understood very well when he was well past his sell by date, taken to a very new area with its own 'impunity culture' , corruption, power struggle , the works and made to fail in every way possible by both his seniors and his juniors. The poor soft spoken soldier should have just been left to complete his duty in peace and move on with his head held high. In fact I think he will be arguing like he did during his time in the police that he was merely enforcing the law and obeying orders of his superiors. That I suspect will also be Muthaura's defence and indeed of many of his supports and sympathisers.

But the French say noblesse oblige. These two are probably in it for the purpose of their position and not really their active planning and involvement. Well at least that is my speculation. Still like catholics say, you sin by both omission and commission.  So probably by omitting to advice the president effectively, Muthaura may have sinned by omission. Ali also by not stopping use of live bullets on civilians he still committed sins of omission. However one thing I still dont understand is why Ali saw it prudent to release the killer police on Kisumu and Kibera only and not in the areas of Eldoret where people were being killed. This way he also failed in his obligation to protect the poor PNU supporters who were being murdered in parts of the Rift Valley.

On another note, am somehow quite surprised by the muted response from Kenyans after the much awaited announcement was made yesterday. Even looking at the nation web page, the usually enthusiastic bloggers who comment on every little bit of news in their hundreds are rather quiet. The biggest number of reactions is only 19!

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