Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Missing Opportunities

Somehow everywhere I turn to, something is being said about Ulinzi, KPL and the big eared trophy! I may not remember very well Ulinzi's golden era of 2003, 04, 05, but I have a feeling a win of the local league has never been celebrated this much. Its as if it were the last ever KPL league or the very first. Its all so good even our very own president praised the winners which was a very rare gesture. If it was a win against a foreign club or win of a foreign trophy I would understand but this is just a simple local cup. Even Churchill live gave it a whole episode!

But its all so good  and worth it. I was at City Stadium that fateful day when K'Ogalo was frustrated to a barren draw by a stubborn City Stars side as Ulinzi nailed their opponents 2-0 in the Rift Valley. City Stars had shown their intention early by pricing their gates charges rather high at 200 for the terraces. A whopping 100% rise from the normal. I think they wanted to really enjoy themselves by frustrating Gor Mahia both off and on the pitch which they successfully did.

What I kept on wondering all the time I was there and seeing the umati wa watu is how come our local blue chips are not taking advantage of the marketing goldmine that the sudden interest in KPL league has generated. If you were at city stadium that afternoon or in Afraha stadium you could have seen what I mean. It was glaring right there! Were there any serious marketers in there? And leave alone marketing during matches. Given the near fanatical following enjoyed by the likes of Gor , AFC and the rest, has Safaricom or Airtel for instance thought of what would happen if they sponsored the teams shirts? Wouldn't it be law for all  fans (or is it followers) to make the big switch?


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  2. I agree with your sentiments. I think corporate support of community teams is the way to go as opposed to corporates running their own teams. Mumias is obviously on the right path by offering support to AFC next season and their brand will adorn the Leopards jersey and stadium whenever Igwe takes to the field. Imagine what mileage a company will receive by supporting K'ogalo!


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