Sunday, November 21, 2010

Its a discrimination!

I have once blogged against discrimination.Everyone hates to be treated differently for who they are or what they are. It normally feels bad. In deed discrimination is often condemned by most people apart for my kind. Last April  i tried many shops in Oxford street London looking for a nice sharp suit. (Oxford street is the street!) I spent a day walking up and down and i did find some serious cuts! The kind you put on and you make a statement you can even land a top position by your looks alone! One problem existed though. none of the jackets could cover my chest leave alone the trousers going past my thighs. The attendants told me their largest size customers were just about 2 dress sizes smaller than me. Now that was unsettling but I consoled myself that back home am not even among the tallest of men. I wondered why the Brits were that short. but then again, a number of them looked tall enough to me.

But what i found hillarious again this time in Germany apart from missing on suits again is the bed! In one hotel they were able to get me just a fitting duvet. To be honest I still cannot believe that an executive hotel like this one (5 star actually) does not anticipate tall clients! When I get on to my bed my legs are hanging out and when I cover my face my feet stick out. If I cover my feet my face remains in the cold! Now the fun part was how to explain all that to the housekeepers who cannot speak a word in English (neither can I speak any German) So I grab my laptop and go to google translate and type in. It comes out with ' ich bin groß' 'Kann ich haben eine große Bettdecke?' The housekeeper got the idea. 'I am big. can i have one big duvet?' well they just dont have any so for the next 2 weeks my feet and face will take turns in getting the warmth that comes with a duvet!

Maybe like Griffin of family guy I should start an  IFFCDTP  (international federation for clothing and duvets for tall people)

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  1. Bless blogs. I'd never have imagined such a problem could exist!


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