Monday, November 29, 2010

Being Yourself

The other day my boss remarked that it was about time he too got a top of the range ride with enough leg room, big head lights, dark mysterious color, rich deep engine roar, large surface area tyres and the works. It made feel the challenge the jolt the inspiration.  But the team I am working with in D-land has different ideas. The top dog wears a jeans trouser and rides his bicycle to work. It makes him proud that he gets to work ahead of most since he can easily maneuver traffic. And indeed most of his direct reports dont drive the top ranges that I crave for yet they are dirt cheap here compared to back home. If only they knew. They also dont care to put on those sharp suits that could not fit me in their shops! Though smart you would consider them dressed down all the time. Typical IT guys one would say. Well all of them apart of one who refuses to be dragged down that route. He always stands out in his dark suits, white starched shirts and a tie. Really your dream 'white collar' office wear. Drives a serious show man bmw and walks purposefully  to complete the image. He is my hero! He really is being himself.

But Germans are not an inch what I thought of them. They are much more gentle than I imagined and they treat their women with dignity different from what I have read in most books. And who said that europe didnt have faith? I have gone for most masses and they are full (well not shoving full like my local church back home) including the Kolner Dom. (that one deserves a full blog entry)

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