Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Under one Roof

You need it , we got it. A major retail chain in the country normaly boasts that way and the other day a guy asked whether you can actually buy a dream job there since hey you need it! Yet its true that they really do stock quite a bit and in one advert they even show how you can get a sweetheart there. Meaning you would have a great shoping experienec. But sometimes you never know what you need until you are told. Sometimes you may just want to shop around and find out what you are really missing.

Am thinking of new technologies for instance. How would you know the apple iphone accessories available to you unless someone actually told you or unless you saw what you were missing? Like they say, if indeed it were true to get everything under one roof life would become just more fun and more adorable. I often enjoy visiting such sites to be able not only to get what am looking for but also know what else would spice my experience be it ring tones, chargers, wallets or iphone accessories. And while at it, I like just staying on a little longer to learn the new sweet things available. It also helps sometimes to visit the online community of other consumers and get to learn about their experiences and preferences.

Peer review always works and helps you quickly decide on things quickly like what iphone accessories fit your lifestyle Or the games that engage your brain and so on.

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  1. When Kenyan phone shops, spare part retailers and supermarkets create online catalogs on Google Base (etc) and perhaps integrate M-PESA or Google's payment engine, then we shall have moved closer to the dream Knowledge Economy. Check out my related post


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