Monday, May 11, 2009

Of city bylaws and church charges

I learn new things everyday but I wasnt a bit prepared for what I got to learn this past weekend.

That there is a city council by-law that prohibits fixing a clogged sewage system. you have to report it to city council and even though they take a month to get fuel for their car to come and inspect so that they can assign a technician to fix it, you must not try and fix it yourself. You have to put up with the threat of diseases, foul smell and everything between for that long.

That all roads and by ways belong to the council and you must not try to level them, or fill the portholes or do anything equivalent or close to making the roads passable.

That you must not plant a tree or flower on any place outside of your compound unless with express authority from the city council.

That if the grass outside of your home is grown or if the bushes are dangerously thick and could harbor car-jackers. That you mustn't touch it. (my cousin tells me in the US of A you can be arrested for not mowing your lawn :-) )

That You cant dig a flood trench or repair a clogged one unless you are a charity organization authorized by the city engineer.

That getting the city engineer in his office requires loads of prayers, good luck charms and precision timings all rolled into one!

But on another note, the new Catholic Cardinal Njue has taken church fund raising to a new level. They started by charging faithfuls to use the basilica toilets (though we actually raised funds to construct them) and I made all the noise I could about how inane this idea was. But now they are actually charging the faithfuls to pack in the yard. So its as if you have to pay gate fees to attend mass!


  1. Hehehehehehe! Let me just laugh at you.

    Anyway as a beneficiary of your IKO toilets I am more than glad to pay for your clean toilets.

    Let me tell you, I work in a nearby building and I tell you most afternoons we never have water so I just run out of the building to come to your Iko toilet one which has water. Pole sana that you chucked your cash to build them!

    This one of paying for parking to attend mass is a bit too much methinks!

  2. We learn something every day. Thanks.


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