Thursday, May 07, 2009

Real Human Body Exhibition!

Right about the time our principals were arguing about who could pack where at parliament and who had the constitutional power to take 2 spoonfuls of sugar, Gunther von Hagen , a 'mad' scientist and artist fondly called Dr. Death in Germany was mounting what is now billed as the most highly attended exhibition in the world. A unique out of this world exhibition of real human body parts stiffened and shaped into various life forms. its simply put, making art with cadavers. Using a process called plastination, Dr. Hagen basically replaces human body fluids and fatty tissues with active plastics to preserve body tissues in their real forms and also get to shape them however he wills. The bodies are donated to him by er hmm their owners!

More images of this bizare exhibition are also available here. I wish he would hold one in Kenya but the Milwaukee Public Museum has meanwhile advised those interested in attending the expose to book in advance otherwise tickets are not gauranteed.



  1. OD,

    I think he could never come to Kenya,as some would think his work is uchawi,lol.

  2. All facets of life have to be covered by someone. Even the morbid ones.

  3. Croco,
    That exhibition is very INFORMATIVE to the curious. But the faint hearted must be warned. It covers a whole ARENA/Stadi with reproductive section the most popular. You can see LIVE aborted featus from as tiny as 4 weeks old preserved in a bottle. It is VERY POPULAR in Belgium/Holland and DE where people have no respect for traditions (remember BE/NL have euthanasia legal?).

  4. ON,
    I saw the exhibition in Atlanta Geogia two years ago.
    It is amazing...u really get to know the human body and overcome some misconceptions.
    they display deformities, all organs, unborn kids, the whole nervous system, etc.
    I concur, it would be great if the exhibition came to Kenya.

  5. @Tamtam, you got that right!

    @shiko, very true

  6. @Eunuch, I wish I would see it too. But am wondering what the puritans and pro-life groups are saying about it and the issue of dignity of human life?

  7. @Empower Kenya, how about lobbying the exhibitors to bring it to Kenya on behalf of Africa?

  8. Croc,
    Your guess is as good as mine on PURISTS. First such exhibitions are ELISTISTS, if you know what I mean. Imagine asking for 2K to see MAITI Kenyan style? Parents will warn of nightmares etal.

    But the bottom line we are yet to have enough DISPOSABLE income for such luxuries just like no TABLOID would flourish on our shores. So bad lack you have to book a ticket to watch the REAL HUMAN BODY with all the imperfections to diabuse yourself of many misconceptions. Good luck.


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