Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My post yesterday on the report of the status of work at my village school and the sponsorship of young bright girls from challenged backgrounds drew some of the most uplifting comments i have had in my 'blogging life'. To say my soul (and ego) was lifted to high heavens is to understate the feeling. I am greatly thankful to you all. you never can imagine what a simple pat in the back can do to me. However there were some people who went further and offered to help in donations. I welcome you all.

Before i let you know how you can participate, i need to give you a little background of how it works. So far, i have not thought of an elaborate support structure for the projects. the sponsorship is just done on a friends basis between my friend and i. we get the school fees structure and share out the responsibility on a 50-50 basis like the grand coalition. since the guy lives abroad, i handle the money in my account. (he trusts me )

for the school, i donate what i can but so far the bulk of the money has come from The Safaricom Foundation. For now we have a deficit of 122K to finish the two blocks on the right. I will raise 61K then the foundation will match what i have raised cent-for-cent. in case i raise 200,000 they give us another 200K. in case that happens, we will be able to put up a small staff room as well.

How you can help: if you are abroad you can send me your donations in trust (like my other friend) using money gram, western union or any other channel. my full names are (oh finally i have to do this) Jeremiah Ochieng. am based in Nairobi. If you are in kenya and/or you do not like to use those two methods , you can send me your email then i will send you back my accnt number. (email is jerimao@gmail.com)

Why am i not using the school accnt? because before Safaricom foundation gives us their part , i will have to deposit what i have collected in their accnt then they give us a double check in the name of the school.

If you would like to send us a check, the schools name is Urenga Primary School.

What i will do in return is to publish here all the accnts and how the money was used. asanteni sana na Mungu azidi kuwabariki hadi mshangae!

finaly to just to give you an idea of how the school was before i have put some pictures plus the teacher too:


  1. Great job OD. We've all grown up with the harambee spirit and we ought to put it into action every now and then. When is your target date for the funds? I guess we'll all be blowing our covers here with the direct communication :))).

  2. @no-spin, i am targeting July 1. i considered the covers but i decided that for a good cause it didn't really matter

    @ssembonge, thank you so much.

  3. Thanks for great work you are doing.

    Pss: I've always known you as Jeremiah

  4. @ka-investor, he he thats funny. i actually thought i was good at Camouflage

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